Friday, October 21, 2011


With heavy heart I went to Lower Burrell because I wanted to buy a shirt to honor Officer Derek. When I pulled in I was surprised at the amount of cars parked and people walking in and out.  It was 9:45 am!  As  I walked up the ramp I saw all the flowers lined up to the entrance door for Officer Derek Kotecki to honor him, or to show their sorrow.

The people were very nice and it wasn't a place full of doom, no, it was a place with smiles and thank yous for caring enough to come in. The shirts were doing a brisk business,  I was lucky that they had my size and they had the wrist bands there so I bought one of them along with the shirt.  I felt much better leaving then I did walking in. I felt good because I helped and because the people smiled and were so thankful.

They have a web site set up so people can see pictures of the family and to let people post what they are feeling. I'm sure it  not only gives comfort to the family but to the ones that visit his face book page.

Most of you know that my youngest son is a policeman. I am not a happy camper about his choice of career, but I don't have a say so of how he wants to live his life. I just pray a lot.
 I grew up with a scanner in our house because my dad was very involved in the fire hall and was president for so many years, when my brother was old enough he became involved also. That scanner use to make me a nervous wreck and I was only a teenager. It let you know everything that was happening in and around my home town.  When someone needed an ambulance, if someone got hurt fighting a fire - so often my heart would beat so hard because of the scanner.  So, I do not want a scanner in our home today. This was especially true when my sons were teenagers and driving. If they were late meeting their curfew I would go spastic. Call me whatever, but know I would  always be jumping in my skin whenever the dang thing would go off.  Even though none of sons live in my hometown now, I still don't want to hear it.
It might seem to seem to you that I am a weakling or a coward by not having a scanner, so be it. I just know I live a lot calmer life.

Wonder how many of you who read this have a scanner? and what is your opinion?

Saturday, October 8, 2011


It never ceases to amaze me to look at people who have such beautiful teeth. So white, so even =, such pretty smiles. Do they realize how lucky they are?
Growing up in the 1950's, braces were hardly ever mentioned, you went to the dentist if you had a toothache, but not for monthly maintenance. At least not where I grew up. As I got older I was more aware of my smile and started to take better of my teeth, but no way can they even come close to looking like the bright fresh smiles that people have today.
It makes me feel good to know we were able to put all 4 of our sons in braces so they could have nice teeth. It makes me feel bad that we had bad experience with our two older sons. The orthodontist said they each had to have teeth pulled so the braces would pull the teeth back in place . So trusting in him we did that and to this day both of my 2 sons have gaps that never filled in. They cant be seen from smiling because they were pulled in the back. My younger two did not have any teeth pulled.
They had their braces on forever and a day - and now they have to frequently go to the dentist because of the damage the braces did to their teeth. Of course I get picked on because of that (lol). But when they smile I think what beautiful smiles they have.
We mothers, we try to do the best we can for our children but sometimes we screw up without intentionally doing so. Moral of this is ~~~ take care of your teeth and those of your family by checking into the background of the dentist you choose.
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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Working next to people everyday or part of the time, you tend to think of them as part of your life, After all you see them everyday, share lunch, talk about your families, and sometimes spend more time with them then your own family.
You come to look forward to seeing them or sharing your news with them. Then one day, it's over - they either have left for another job or you have left for another... job. A person you have spent years with at work you no longer will see everyday or share lunch with. But that's ok, because you think that even though you will no longer be working together, you will still remain good friends.
How so no true! You get invovled in the new job, your busy trying to fit in, The phone rings and it is your previous co-worker, You want to talk to them, you really do, but there is so much pressure put on you in learning the ropes of your new job that you have to say no. Therefore you have to refuse and say that they will get together soon. But as the days go by, and then the weeks you know that you still have a friend but not the close friend you thought you had when working with them.
The only ones that make out by not losing touch with the person is their immediate family. They will continue to see or talk to them everyday. The closeness still stays but the people you work with walk in and out of your life without looking back ~


WQED has always been a favorite channel for us to watch. They broadcast so many interesting programs, from cooking shows, opera, history,and Doo Wop music. Oh they do have more programs than what I mentioned but I stopped at " DOO WOP" - because that is the program I love to watch the most.
I will gladly listen to them do their fundraising to raise money. ,Why, without our support, we would not be able to hear and see the "DOO WOP" concerts in our home, The music takes us back to when we were younger. The time when as teenagers we lived a carefree life, listening to the best music to this day -"DOO WOP." Dancing to music on Friday night dances or Sundays at The White Elephant
I remember teenagers acting crazy, and I was one of them, screaming and clapping when Bo Diddly would perform as a guest singer, or The Del Vikings, At our high school prom we had "The Altiers" live! I can still to this day remember that night. At the weekend dances . I stood dancing on chairs along with every one else, Singing loud right with them, while they sang their great songs we were memorized. Watching the concerts on WQED wonderful memories come flooding back. Closing my eyes I can picture what I looked like back then, I can still see "Butch Barnes" who I danced with all night at every dance. We danced so well with one another that we won a couple of dance contests. Yes, we sort of liked each other, how could we not if we danced together two times a week for so many times, I can't count.
Today the voices of the music groups sound the same, but the faces have grown older, or have changed altogether. The audience who danced to these groups or saw them perform when younger, well, we are are all grown up, with children the same age as we were back then or older. - We look older, we are older, but when listening to these great songs, we become the teenagers we were long ago. We see ourselves as we were then. Carefree, fun-loving kids ~ ~ ~


Did you ever notice how some things happen at the most inopportune time? . I don't mind if I misplace my keys on a day that I don't an appointment.. But to have an appointment, misplace keys, then to find the gas gague on empty sort of frazzeles a person, at least it does me!
. Every minute counts when I have an appointment., I have to count travel time, find a parking space and walk to the building. One thing I truly hate it to be late for anything. I try my very best to be on time. I would think the other person would be ready to see me at my appointed timealso, but alas it does not always happen that way if it is a doctor's appointment. I usually have to wait.
S0 all that time I spent rushing to make sure I would be on time is for naught. I find myself waiting fifteen minutes to a half hour, sometimes more. That's a lot of time wasted out of my life. I always try to have a book with me, now that I have a Kindle it is so much easier to carry. It fits nicely in my purse and not heavy at all. I order my books on line from our local library so they still get credit for books taken out. I decided that if I have to have down time waiting for someone running late I mise well make the best out of it and lose myself in the story I'm reading.;)

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This time of year makes me think of all of those things I have to be thankful for - - - -
my husband
my children
my grandchildren
my health
my freedom
always thankful for friends made