Thursday, December 17, 2009


Nothing like a candle to make you feel nice and cozy, makes your home smell so good.Just makes me in a good mood and relaxed.   What I can't understand about people who like candles is this: Why are they willing to pay between 16 and 20 dollars for Yankee or Gold Canyon but won't even think of paying that amount for the candle I sale?

My candle is the best, no, I don't make it but I am a distributor. I don't sale something that I don't like or believe in. My candle is hypoallergenic no black ring around the inside of the glass from lead and the smell last down to the end.It is also made out of vegetables and soy plus it's two wick.  I use to love Yankee until I was introduced to Scent Sations. I loved them so much that I asked if I could be a distributor because I was so positive
everyone would feel the same way as I do. Man was I surprised to find out that yes, they liked the candle but
thought it was to expensive. No more expensive than the other candles. I was and still am perplexed over
So after about two years of so so sales I gave it up. I gave up my web site and the candles. I was never happy about my decision but I had to do it. Just about two months ago I called and said I wanted back
on the team, they graciously took me back and I am happy but I am not advertising the fact that I am
again selling my favorite candles - so if any one asks about good smelling candles tell them about me -
of course I have no inventory but I can vouch for them for sure.

People are funny - I love people, I am a people's person - I love to have people around me -
I love kids, they are funny, they are innocent, they are trusting, they make me happy -
I love most all animals but mostly cats, dogs, bunnies and goats. they too make me happy
I love holidays, they bring family and friends together,memories are remembered, food is abundant!
I love music, mostly all kind of music, it makes me happy and I usually dance to it,good exercise.
I love snow, I love to sled ride, snow mobile, build snowmen or just look at it.
I love the sun, it brings the flowers, the vegetable garden, the warmth, makes me glad to be alive
I love to read, a good book takes me away to another place where I escape everyday problems
I love to write even though I am not good at it, it makes me feel good to write mainly about family
I love my doctors, they have taken such good care of me
I love my husband, my best buddy who puts up with me
I love my sons and the beautiful girls they have blessed me with and my wonderful grandchildren
I love my friends, they let me talk and actually listen
I love my job, it actually allows me to do something I like
I like being able to be on line, it is a link to the outside world and all that goes on.
I love the newspaper, nothing like a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper.
I love the smell and taste of coffee - wakes me up and goes good all by itself
I love Constant Comment and Earl Gray tea- it so relaxes me
I love a hot shower, it takes all the aches and pains away
I love my jeep, it takes me where I want to go and I feel safe in it.
I mostly love everything about life - because mostly its A WONDERFUL LIFE!

I can go on and on and maybe will at another time but this is the jest of things

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Christmas tree up  - check                                 Baking done - not
Christmas tree decorated -not                            House cleaned - a quarter of it -so not
Inside of home decorated -not                           Outside of home decorated -check
Shopping done - 3/4's of it                                Menu decided - YES!
Grocery shopping done -not                             Cards sent - mostly yes

Did I forget to write something down on my To Do List  - you can bet that I am almost positive that I have - - -
I know many people who make lists and follow them to a tee. I like to make lists. A list keeps me from forgetting what I have to do and keeps me sane and organized. Well, ok, I don't know about the sane part but I like to think it does. I know I still suffer from Chemo brain so without making a list I am doomed.
If the phone rings or someone comes to the door  I'll forget what I was doing sure as shootin.
 Of course I pick the easy chores off the list to do first, leaving the hard ones for last, Not a good practice for sure. So if any of you are thinking of making a list put the difficult or the unpleasant things at the top and do them, the rest will be a piece of cake. Trust me on this

All of the above is trivial if you don't have your health, if someone you love is ill or if your son's best girl's
father died. She just lost her younger brother 9 months ago. Her Dad had been fighting cancer for at least 3 years and his body just could not handle it anymore. Even though Cherie and her family knew this it does not
make it easier for them to know he will no longer walk on this earth..
No time is good to lose a love one but during the holidays it is so much harder. Turn on TV and you see Christmas commercials advertised, put on the radio and Christmas songs are playing.  Everyone you come in contact with are not aware of your loss and wish you a Merry Christmas, it is a Blessed Christmas but not a Merry one for this family or my best friend who just lost her husband.

Let us be thankful for our health, our family's health and not take it for granted. Life is precious so
if you are able to -make the most of it.

Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife: Printable Del Monte Vegetables Coupon

Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife: Printable Del Monte Vegetables Coupon

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Ever since my youngest son started grand school he said he wanted to help people by being a policeman.
I never discouraged him because I thought he would change his mind by high-school. When he entered high school hid choice of career was still the same and this time I did question him on why and he said what he always said I want to help people by being a policeman. Time for college and he worked toward his goal without once
questioning his decision, he still continued on his goal. After graduating from college he went to the Butler Police Academy for a year graduating with honors.

How can you stop your child from fulfilling his dream that he worked towards since grade school ? You can't.
You have to respect him and his decision and hand your fears and worries over to God, asking God to keep our son out of harm's way, a prayer said daily or sometimes a couple times a day.

With all the disrespect for life and all the crazies out there killing everyone and  our policeman I can't help
but have my heart in my throat. I refuse to have a police scanner in our home because I don't want to hear
what us going on, something like being a mushroom, hiding my head in the sand. Yep I am a coward.

I cannot even come close to imagining what the families are going through because their child chose to 
be a protector. Please keep them all in prayer not only through the holidays but always.

God Bless our Policemen who chose to be a protector - - -God be with them

Did you all know there was a car stolen with Christmas gifts in the driveway of a local street not to far away.
Do you know who investigates that, right - the policeman and he is the one who is called to domestic disturbance

Friday, December 4, 2009


For as long as I could remember I always thought everyone was happy during the holidays, Christmas and New Years. Why? Because my parents were and so was my brother. My Dad always took off the week between Christmas and New Years. It was such a fun week. Every day we would visit one of my Aunts or Uncles homes or we would have them at our house. Cousins, toys, food, friends - the house was always full of all.
   When I married I just assumed we would continue that tradition but my husband said he was not able to take the week off  all during that time, I teased him by saying you just don't want to stay at home or visit with 4 boys and he just laughed.
   But even though we could not go visit my aunts and uncles some of them came and visited us along with my parents and brother and we had a fun time. I made two good friends that lived close to me when we moved to Springdale that had kids around the  same age & we visited back and forth, plus I had the boys home with me during their Christmas vacation and we played with their new games and toys or they had friends over.
Ron's brothers would visit with their girlfriends.
   Through the years a lot of things changed, many of our close friends have moved and some have even gone on to heaven. My dad, aunts, uncles they were going to heaven also. But I still had my mom and brother who came down on Christmas Eve and stayed over to Christmas day, the boys were living at home and the ones in college were home.It was fun and our house was filled with love and happiness.  Girlfriends came and girlfriends went, it was a loss to me when they broke up but then another girl would come and so on.
Then my Mom passed in 95 and things were never the same. Christmas Eve was a sad time, I did not 
have my mom to make the smelts, apple fritters & the Christmas Eve Spaghetti  but I still had my boys at home and they eased the pain with their fun antics. Then they met special people, important woman that they fell in love with. Some marriages did not work out and we felt the loss. We hurt for our sons I think more then they hurt for themselves. In 1999 everyone was married or living with their significant other - I have been blessed with wonderful daughter in laws and significant others and the younger ones have blessed us with
beautiful wonderful grandchildren.
  So what's the problem - they have their own traditions - Christmas Eve is relatively lonely during the day and 
Christmas Day is hard trying to get everyone together. My hubby and I sort of flounder around until some of our family comes to visit. Meaning my sons and their families - no cousins visit, no family gatherings on Christmas Eve, no friends visit - it is hard for us to get use to after years of family time but we are still very much blessed because we have each other, we have our sons and their families healthy and we have our home
so maybe we will cuddle up this year and talk about yesterday's memories and be thankful we are together. - So many people are in pain, or are mourning their loved ones or are homeless or abused  - parents can't afford food or gifts for their children - and many families are separated with their loved ones fighting a war,
living far away - so many are hurting this season - - - please pray for them

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I do the Event Keeper calender at work. I truly enjoy doing it, it is one of my most favorite things to do.
I finished doing December's yesterday. My Director was not there to edit it but I thought I had covered everything so I saved it to our web site and then printed it off in multiple copies for our patrons.

I used the word "Holiday" instead of "Christmas" on the days announcing we were closed.  I wanted to use Christmas but there are two other religions that celebrate holidays in December and I did not want to slight them. One is Hannikka and the other one is Kwanza.

As a child in grade school and high school we knew Thanksgiving as Thanksgiving and Christmas as Christmas.  Nothing was ever mentioned or celebrated of the other two. In fact I don't believe Kwanza was known  in my childhood days.

How things have changed since those days and not for the better. For years now we are told to say Happy
Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Our children are not allowed to pray in school, the Nativity is banned from being displayed in so many states.

 Instead of being celebrated as the day of our Lord's birth,it  is so commercialized that all you see on television are commercials advertising the "latest"  to buy , or advertising the newest gift out for your child along with the newest golf item or piece of jewelry for the adult.

The simple pleasures of days past are gone, the children  today expect gifts ,not little gifts either--while the children of yesterday knew the importance of  Christmas. We use to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, make Him a birthday cake with candles.  We looked forward to the beautiful service of Midnight Mass. Today if the children attend services it is a blessing.
As a lot of our ministers and priests say   "LET'S KEEP CHRIST IN   What do you celebrate in your home? Is it one of the above, or something new?


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This time of year makes me think of all of those things I have to be thankful for - - - -
my husband
my children
my grandchildren
my health
my freedom
always thankful for friends made