Sunday, July 17, 2011


Do I think I know a person to well?   Someone asked me that question recently. I was so ready to say yes, but stopped myself.  I actually thought about it.  Do I know my husband to well?  I know him well, but I don't believe I know him to well. Yes,  I know him as a husband and father.
I know him to well as a honest, loving, fair and fun father. I know him as a father who takes the time to listen to his sons. For never thinking twice to lend a helping hand. Seeing him melt when he is around his grandchildren  For giving when he sees that someone is in need. As a husband I think I know him more then to well and am blessed to have him.

But - - - as a employee in the work force I do not know him to well! Talking to a few people I found out that he is known as the "Guru" in his work field. Wow! I was surprised. I mean,  I know he is very intelligent and knows loads of trivia. It's evident that  he knows what he is talking about no matter what subject. He is a great musician and singer.  A excellent carpenter and handyman, but I never thought of him as the "Guru" in his field. The Computer field.

What a honor for him. I have always been proud of him, but this news made me  step back. I took  a good look - I know sometimes I tend to take people for granted. So no, I may think I know people
 to well, but realize that I don't.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well, it's past the 4th of July and the corn is far from knee high!!   The rain we had this past Spring might have slowed the process some. I can't wait to sink my teeth in some bread and buttered corn. We can make a meal out of just corn, there is nothing like a good piece of butterd corn on the cob with the butter dribbling down your chin - mmm good.
I have  put salt on my corn along with the butter since I've been knee high to a grass hopper, but in my older age, I'll settle for butter only.
My father-in-law always had to have his wife cut the corn off the cob in order for him to eat it. I oftened wondered if he missed eating it off the cob.

I would love to have daily, buttered corn on the cob, home grown tomatos with fresh Basil and  watermellon, (salt omitted) and I would definately think I was in heaven.

My tomato plants are slow growing, I am wondering if I will have any. I love picking the first ripe tomato off the vine and wiping it ever so slightly on my shirt while anticipating the taste. Biting into the juicy succlent meat of the tomato, taste better than any steak would to me..In case I don't have luck with my tomato plants, I can always go to the Farmers Market. Thank goodness for those farmers working their farms.

I have a delicious receipe for Blueberry Jam. It's easy - if I can do it anyone can. If your interested in the receipe let me know and I will send it to you.

Here is something different some of you might want to try. I found this in the Country Woman magazine. If it is as good as the Fried Pickles at Max & Erma's, than it is sure a winner.
Ready for this?
                                                                 Kool Aid Pickles

                                                  1 jar (32 oz.)          undrained whole Dill Pickles
                                             2/3rd cup                    sugar
                                          1 envelope (.14oz)         unsweetened Kool Aid mix, -flavor of your choice

      Drain pickles, reserving juice in a small bowl, combine the reserve juice, sugar and Kool Aid
     Stir until sugar is dissolved. Set aside
     Slice pickles length wise or leave whole and return to jar.
     Pour juice mixture over pickles. Discard any remaining juice.
    Cover and refrigerate one week before serving

                                                          Yield - 3 cups

I plan on making this the week before we leave for vacation, so I won't be able to tell you how it
taste till after that. NOW if any of you who may be reading this wants to try it, please let me know
how you like it.

Do you like a cup of  Tea?  I enjoy having  a cup of tea on my patio in the early morning. It's my little haven, tho most mornings I share it with a little wren who's nest is just above the patio door.
She's not afraid of me at all. She just goes about her motherly chores of bringing worms to her family. I can see the worms hanging out both sides of the little wrens mouth as she first perches on a ledge a little bit away from the nest. Just when I wonder what she is waiting for, she flys faster than light up into the nest - - - I love watching her.  I can't see the little ones at all, I have no idea how many are up there or how big they are.
My youngest son and family have this beautiful white duck on their farm. We all love to listen to him quack and watch him waddle while following the chickens around. If the chickens go fast, he waddles faster,  funny to look at but cute.  He was a little fledging and we watched him develp into a beautiful duck.  We were sad to hear from Jeff that he is missing. Anything could of happened  to him, a animal might have got him, like a fox but we are hoping he went on a little trip and will be back soon.

Do you have Oak kitchen cabinets? What do you use to clean and polish them with?, I am unsure of what to use, but they need done and the sooner the better.

I hope you are enjoying some lazy, hazy, crazy days of  this summer.  I have been on vacation for two weeks, one shared with my husband and one by myself. It's been a working, relaxing and fun couple of weeks. I have another vacation week coming at  the end of July. We will be going  to Myrtle - this vacation I am really looking forward to. We will be with all of our grandchildren, I am so excited about this.

If you could keep our son's girl, Chere in prayer we would be very thankful, She had a heart valve replaced about 3 weeks ago and recovery is going slow. Also for two of our grandaughters to have a safe trip going back with their grandparents to Fla. to spend a week with them.  For a special intention of mine, God will know my special intention. For a young woman who is paying her dues and has a long way to go before they are paid, pray that she and her family have piece of mind.,  for all of those who are suffering in some way, for our men/women in the service, for ourselves and our familys. and whoever else I might not have mentioned.

May God bless you all with good health, peace of mind, and quiet of day <3

Many hugs to all

Dee, Dolores Rose, Dolores, Mom, MeMaw, Hon, Mrs.C, Dee

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This time of year makes me think of all of those things I have to be thankful for - - - -
my husband
my children
my grandchildren
my health
my freedom
always thankful for friends made