Thursday, October 6, 2011


Did you ever notice how some things happen at the most inopportune time? . I don't mind if I misplace my keys on a day that I don't an appointment.. But to have an appointment, misplace keys, then to find the gas gague on empty sort of frazzeles a person, at least it does me!
. Every minute counts when I have an appointment., I have to count travel time, find a parking space and walk to the building. One thing I truly hate it to be late for anything. I try my very best to be on time. I would think the other person would be ready to see me at my appointed timealso, but alas it does not always happen that way if it is a doctor's appointment. I usually have to wait.
S0 all that time I spent rushing to make sure I would be on time is for naught. I find myself waiting fifteen minutes to a half hour, sometimes more. That's a lot of time wasted out of my life. I always try to have a book with me, now that I have a Kindle it is so much easier to carry. It fits nicely in my purse and not heavy at all. I order my books on line from our local library so they still get credit for books taken out. I decided that if I have to have down time waiting for someone running late I mise well make the best out of it and lose myself in the story I'm reading.;)

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