Tuesday, February 19, 2013


    The majority of people are great, they are caring and thoughtful. For instance, look at the widow who's husband died, and she only had $ 9.00 in her checking account. She said she was going to sale everything she owned so that she could make his last wish come true, and bury him in his family plot.
    Somehow the news media got hold of the story and published it. Yep, you got it. The donations came pouring in, and now she has more then enough money to make his wish come true.People cared and wanted to help.
    Whenever somebody is in need and it is publicly made known, people come forward to help. Through different kinds of fund raisers. raffles, spaghetti dinners,donations, etc.
   The majority of people hate to see people hurting in any way, mentally or physically and they want to try to ease their pain or worry.
  When someone who is facing a serious medical problem hears, "don't worry" / "your going to be fine " the have to smile and say thank you, when in reality they probably want to scream and say, how do you know this, I don't even know.   But people say this because they don't know what else to say, or they think this makes the person feels better.
  The truth is that no one knows if "everything will be fine." They are hoping everything will be, but nothing is guaranteed. What should be said in my opinion, is "I'm sorry your have to go through this"," is there anything I can do", or "try not to worry"/ "you will be in my thoughts" or "prayers being said".
  What is your opinion?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Colors Of Life


Do you have a favorite color? I bet you have many, but if there was one color you had to chose,which one would it be?  Not only do I have to chose a color, but I have to write about it. A difficult assignment for me. Our facilitator makes it a challenge, but also a learning experience.

I have to chose one and write about it. This is my assignment for one of the writing groups at the library. I have 3 favorite colors,one for spring and summer and one for fall and winter. The one for spring and summer is yellow, and the one for fall and winter is blue. Then I have one for my health, and that color is Pink. I choose to write about Pink.

Pink -there are so many shades of pink. But when I close my eyes and visualize pink,  I see a  beautiful sunrise,and/or a beautiful sunset. I have been privileged enough to see many of both. Sometimes I just have to stop and stare in awe at the beautiful scenery God has made. It truly takes my breath away.

In flowers, I choose the pink rose, because that was my mothers favorite color of roses, plus her name is Rose.And it is Saint Teresa's flower, the pink rose.

In clothes, the color pink always makes a person look healthy. Not only that, but if a someone has a tan and wears pink it really brings out the tan.  A pink dress to me gives the illusion of  romance, especially if it is a flowing pink dress.
I think pink would taste like a delicacy. Light and airy with no substance. I love pink gum, because that usually means that it is bubble gum, yum!

A couple of things I would not like in pink, is a car, or truck. Definitely I  would not like a pink house, or pink socks, nor would I like my walls painted pink.

The main reason I love pink is because it is a symbol of hope, of courage, of strength, of a warrior and unity
To me it means I am not alone..

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Little Services We Took for Granted

Wow! Is it ever cold outside.
  Having to pump gas in this cold weather, makes me wish for the yesterdays of buying gas. We never even had to get out of the car and freeze while filling up the tank. Back in the day, gas stations were called Gas Service Stations.  The key word is service, and it meant exactly that - they gave us service!
  Remember how the attendant would wash our windows front, and back, check our oil, and transmission oil? They would tell us if we needed to add a quart of oil and when we told them OK, they would put it in for us,  All free service for just buying gas!
 We never had to get out of  the car, the driver just sat there nice and toasty while the attendant took care of everything. Oh, do I miss that.
  Why do I take things for granted and then when they are gone realize what great service I had? Probably it was because I grew up in that era. They just stopped offering that service not to long ago. In fact not to many years ago.
  Now we have to get out of the car, put the gas in and check all that needs checked. Plus we have to pay for the gas!

Then when you were a patient in the hospital, the nurses aid use to come around after visiting hours and ask patients if they wanted a back message. They would rub cream on your back and message it,  when done they would bring you a snack and a drink, if you wanted.

Ah, the little things in life, can you think of any small pleasures they have done away with ?

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This time of year makes me think of all of those things I have to be thankful for - - - -
my husband
my children
my grandchildren
my health
my freedom
always thankful for friends made