Thursday, October 6, 2011


WQED has always been a favorite channel for us to watch. They broadcast so many interesting programs, from cooking shows, opera, history,and Doo Wop music. Oh they do have more programs than what I mentioned but I stopped at " DOO WOP" - because that is the program I love to watch the most.
I will gladly listen to them do their fundraising to raise money. ,Why, without our support, we would not be able to hear and see the "DOO WOP" concerts in our home, The music takes us back to when we were younger. The time when as teenagers we lived a carefree life, listening to the best music to this day -"DOO WOP." Dancing to music on Friday night dances or Sundays at The White Elephant
I remember teenagers acting crazy, and I was one of them, screaming and clapping when Bo Diddly would perform as a guest singer, or The Del Vikings, At our high school prom we had "The Altiers" live! I can still to this day remember that night. At the weekend dances . I stood dancing on chairs along with every one else, Singing loud right with them, while they sang their great songs we were memorized. Watching the concerts on WQED wonderful memories come flooding back. Closing my eyes I can picture what I looked like back then, I can still see "Butch Barnes" who I danced with all night at every dance. We danced so well with one another that we won a couple of dance contests. Yes, we sort of liked each other, how could we not if we danced together two times a week for so many times, I can't count.
Today the voices of the music groups sound the same, but the faces have grown older, or have changed altogether. The audience who danced to these groups or saw them perform when younger, well, we are are all grown up, with children the same age as we were back then or older. - We look older, we are older, but when listening to these great songs, we become the teenagers we were long ago. We see ourselves as we were then. Carefree, fun-loving kids ~ ~ ~

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