Thursday, October 6, 2011


Working next to people everyday or part of the time, you tend to think of them as part of your life, After all you see them everyday, share lunch, talk about your families, and sometimes spend more time with them then your own family.
You come to look forward to seeing them or sharing your news with them. Then one day, it's over - they either have left for another job or you have left for another... job. A person you have spent years with at work you no longer will see everyday or share lunch with. But that's ok, because you think that even though you will no longer be working together, you will still remain good friends.
How so no true! You get invovled in the new job, your busy trying to fit in, The phone rings and it is your previous co-worker, You want to talk to them, you really do, but there is so much pressure put on you in learning the ropes of your new job that you have to say no. Therefore you have to refuse and say that they will get together soon. But as the days go by, and then the weeks you know that you still have a friend but not the close friend you thought you had when working with them.
The only ones that make out by not losing touch with the person is their immediate family. They will continue to see or talk to them everyday. The closeness still stays but the people you work with walk in and out of your life without looking back ~

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