Monday, November 23, 2009


Tell me it isn't so,  It's said there is a shortage of Libby's Pumkin Pie filling because the pumpkins were not plentiful this season - - oh no!
 What are we to do, pumpkin pie is a steady staple on our dining room table, how can it be Thanksgiving without the Pumkin Pie?  Well, Sweet Potatoes make a pretty good tasting pie, so we can always do our back up, a little more work but worth all the hassle.  Hmmm- I have to go searching for a Sweet Potato Pie recipe. Wish me luck, I think I'll look on line - but now it's off to get ready for my 8 hour work day   
 I have the perfect sugar cookie for my blogger friend to make - they are called SLICE AND BAKE COOKIES and they have a angel in the middle, a Christmas tree in the middle and are so very easy to make -saves you all the hassle also.***********************************************************
Sing the song below to" IT'S OFF TO WORK I GO"

It's off to work I go, to make a little dough, for I need money to spend for my Grandchildren that I love so.
do dew do dew whistle while you work, oh whistle while you work   HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Oh My,  Holiday shopping has started big time. Parking at the mall leaves a lot to be desired. Malls are crowded, stores are crowded. Christmas music is playing everywhere, even on the radio!!  What?, you say - yep, I said Christmas music is playing every where and Thanksgiving is not even here yet!!

Thanksgiving is getting pushed in the background - not fair - not fair to us, to our country, to our children.
Why I remember when we anticipated Thanksgiving and went all out on decorations and food. Now instead of Thanksgiving decorations being up Christmas lights are up along with Christmas decorations.
Every store has all their Christmas decorations up and their shelves are filled with items for sale -sign saying - give the gift of  this beautiful ( what ever it is) .Buy now while still in stock, Buy fifty dollars in merchandise and get ten dollars off - - - - -signs trying to lure the customer into their store - - -

This is so sad - -  let's keep Thanksgiving alive, don't shove it off  on the sidelines. We have so very much to be thankful for - with Christmas everywhere you go how can children even think of Thanksgiving  when they get caught up in the Christmas atmosphere everywhere?

Do you keep Thanksgiving alive in your home?  I remember when I was growing up my dad would tell my brother and me  how his dad would go out and buy a live turkey. He would bring it home and my dad and his siblings along with his parents would hold han ds and dance around the kitchen in a circle with the turkey in the middle of the ciecle  (can you picture it?) singing there's a big fat turkey on grandfathers farm - when the song would finish my grandfather would take the turkey out and kill the poor thing and bring it in for my grandmother to clean and then get it ready to stuff and bake. What kind of memories are our grandchildren going to have? What memories will their parents pass on down to them?

Then on Thanksgiving day there is the parade with the highlight being Santa and the football games on all day -- - - - - -
If everyone would celebrate Thanksgiving the way it use to be celebrated this world would be a much better place.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Rainy Day in Springdale

Woke up to the rain pelting the bedroom window, I just sighed and turned over at the same time thinking
lucky me, I can stay in bed all day if I want. No work, no appointments, no babysitting today.I  snuggled
under my down comforter more appreciating that fact.
 I am having withdrawal  pains from Anna though. She is so fun to be with and I like the one on one time.

I do a sort of Newsletter on the internet when something of importance or interest has happened. It's called
Clark's Summit. I started it in 2006 but since I am blogging I hardly ever do a Clark Summit. I did one so I could tell all my dear friends and family the latest news about Nancy & Tommy. Also I wrote about other stuff too.
One being it will be 3 yrs survivor day for me tomorrow. OH HAPPY DAY

Do any of you  wear hearing aids?  I do, wahoo  just what I always wanted, yeah right.  I got mine just a little over a year ago. It was like every sound came alive again.  I didn't know that I was so bad till I found myself  asking" what" when someone would talk to me, at work especially when the patrons had to keep repeating themselves. So I marched myself to hearing aid doctor and kept telling myself I am not deaf, I can't be deaf, but oh was I so wrong, the doctor, well  he told me I was 58% deaf in one ear and 45% in the other!  I knew then that besides having a pace maker, I would be wearing hearing aids. Yep, I have two of them,
one for each year.  I am able to hear sounds that I had been missing for some time and I did not even know
I was missing them till I heard them again.
The price of them was out of site, I could have had a nice face lift for what I am paying but hey, at least I can hear. Did  I say I can hear?  Well lately it seems like I can't hear as well as I first could with them. For what we are paying I should have no trouble hearing a tiny burp - so now that the warranty is up I have to go and get the hearing aids checked - - - - Maybe it is just something minor and it won't cost anything to fix it.
I'll keep you posted - - - - I feel better now that I shared that with all of you in cyberspace  Good Night

Saturday, November 14, 2009


What a beautiful Indian Summer we are having. I did not think it would ever happen but good ole mother nature has been so good to us now for two weeks!! I could take this for a winter season with a little bit of snow for Thanksgiving and Christmas, keyword-little-

Today we went for a lovely ride in the country stopping at a local farm that was loaded down with apples.
Any kind we wanted was at our finger tips. Out of all the choices we picked the Gala apple. Ahh the pure
joy of taking a crunch our of a juicy delicious apple.

The things you can do with apples - there is of course, apple pie, apple sauce,  baked apples, apple butter,
apple cider, apple cake, carmel apples, the list goes on. We can all do this in out kitchen and have our whole home smelling so very good. Horses love to eat apples and of course we all know for a pig roast the good apple goes into the pig's mouth.

After the ride in the country we stopped at Glenn's for a custard, We were surprised to find them open. They will be open till Thanksgiving. Pajer's  farm will be open till Dec,23rd making all their home made pies, bread, gobs and hopefully they will still have some of those delicious apples left to buy.

My home has missed me this past week, I have not been home one day. Do you know what that means when
you are not home except for a quick breakfast or maybe a bite of dinner? It means that clothes don't get washed, dishes don't get done and on and on - - - - it all keeps piling up until your sick of looking at it and realize if you don't do it no one else will come in and do it - - - so, ok I did the kitchen, I detest a dirty kitchen filled with dirty dishes, I ho hummed the dining room and the living room is so trashed it could not be more trashed -so that is where it stands as of right now and it will be there till tomorrow cause I am done for the day - - - a glass of wine, nice dinner by candle light is what I am looking forward to tonight and not at home either!!

Go Pitt- - - - -Springdale football teams did a great job this year - we are so proud of them - - - Go Steelers
Don't ya just love all the great sport teams we have

Friday, November 6, 2009


I would like to blog about my dear neighbor & friend .  I met Lisa just a few months ago even though she has been my neighbor for at least 5 years,  It's hard to believe our paths never crossed before  this past summer since we live in such close proximity.  I  don't know how it happened but all of a sudden we started talking one morning. She looking great and glamourous in her great convertible and me standing on the porch in my nightclothes looking like I was looking for my broom!  She is a real gem and I am so very glad to have her
not only as a neighbor and friend but also my FB buddy and fellow blogger. 

She surprised me by naming me as one of the ones to receive the "BOLG AWARD".  Now if you have been following my blog you know there is nothing great about it, I can't do all the fancy things that she can. Her blog is fantastic and you have to stop and see it - at--snogirllygoeskeyboardhappy--From the outside looking in. 

In the mean time thank you so much Lisa for my award. I am celebrating with my buttons popping off of my shirt :-)

Anyhow I have to do all these things since I was awarded this Blog Award and I have to tell you a secret, it
is all so overwhelming to me-whew, I have read it once, then twice and the third time I said "I'll think about it tomorrow" - (stole this line from Gone With the Wind). I wonder how long I have to do this?

I had lunch with a very dear friend today and afterwards she left to go to New Jersey to help her son and daughter-in-law move into their new house. Her son had called that morning to ask her and her husband to
help them out, so they just stopped what they were doing and packed, They were leaving around two this afternoon and are probably  still on the road.
She does not blog but she gets the Most Helpful Friend Award from me. This woman, Lorraine - goes out of her way for everyone in one way or another. She always builds you up and tells you how wonderful you look even when you know you look your worst. She is always asking about you and your family and is genuinely interested in your life.
When I was operated on in January she made food and brought up many a dinner with desert -(she is a gourmet cook) along with desert. Loads of magazines, offered to do whatever we needed her to do. Just her being our friend and caring was such a wonderful feeling. There is no way we can ever thank her even though
we have tried in many different ways.  This fine lady has been through so many health issues but she never
thinks of herself, it is always the other person that needs to be taken care of. I HONOR HER WITH THE AWARD OF A TRUE GENUINE WOMAN WHO IS HELPFUL IN EVERY WAY.

So the evening is winding down, we had a delightful dinner out and are now at home chilling out- what a
good feeling to be snug as a bug in a rug on this chilly night.   Later

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Strange Hppenings

A strang thing happened on my way to post my blog entry - - - - My blog posted to another person's blog!!!
Yep - you read right - - -  I could not believe my eyes so I went to bed thinking I would check it in the morning to make sure I was seeing right,

Yes, I was seeing my blog on "SIMPLE PLEASURES "posted on  the blog named "" Brother"/peaceful sister!!!
My picture of  the ocean is posted on that same blog!!!! 

So I am about to post this very uninformative blog to see if it is sent to where I want it to go- 
If it doesn't I will think PARANORMAL

Dee's shared items


This time of year makes me think of all of those things I have to be thankful for - - - -
my husband
my children
my grandchildren
my health
my freedom
always thankful for friends made