Thursday, December 10, 2009


Ever since my youngest son started grand school he said he wanted to help people by being a policeman.
I never discouraged him because I thought he would change his mind by high-school. When he entered high school hid choice of career was still the same and this time I did question him on why and he said what he always said I want to help people by being a policeman. Time for college and he worked toward his goal without once
questioning his decision, he still continued on his goal. After graduating from college he went to the Butler Police Academy for a year graduating with honors.

How can you stop your child from fulfilling his dream that he worked towards since grade school ? You can't.
You have to respect him and his decision and hand your fears and worries over to God, asking God to keep our son out of harm's way, a prayer said daily or sometimes a couple times a day.

With all the disrespect for life and all the crazies out there killing everyone and  our policeman I can't help
but have my heart in my throat. I refuse to have a police scanner in our home because I don't want to hear
what us going on, something like being a mushroom, hiding my head in the sand. Yep I am a coward.

I cannot even come close to imagining what the families are going through because their child chose to 
be a protector. Please keep them all in prayer not only through the holidays but always.

God Bless our Policemen who chose to be a protector - - -God be with them

Did you all know there was a car stolen with Christmas gifts in the driveway of a local street not to far away.
Do you know who investigates that, right - the policeman and he is the one who is called to domestic disturbance

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