Friday, December 4, 2009


For as long as I could remember I always thought everyone was happy during the holidays, Christmas and New Years. Why? Because my parents were and so was my brother. My Dad always took off the week between Christmas and New Years. It was such a fun week. Every day we would visit one of my Aunts or Uncles homes or we would have them at our house. Cousins, toys, food, friends - the house was always full of all.
   When I married I just assumed we would continue that tradition but my husband said he was not able to take the week off  all during that time, I teased him by saying you just don't want to stay at home or visit with 4 boys and he just laughed.
   But even though we could not go visit my aunts and uncles some of them came and visited us along with my parents and brother and we had a fun time. I made two good friends that lived close to me when we moved to Springdale that had kids around the  same age & we visited back and forth, plus I had the boys home with me during their Christmas vacation and we played with their new games and toys or they had friends over.
Ron's brothers would visit with their girlfriends.
   Through the years a lot of things changed, many of our close friends have moved and some have even gone on to heaven. My dad, aunts, uncles they were going to heaven also. But I still had my mom and brother who came down on Christmas Eve and stayed over to Christmas day, the boys were living at home and the ones in college were home.It was fun and our house was filled with love and happiness.  Girlfriends came and girlfriends went, it was a loss to me when they broke up but then another girl would come and so on.
Then my Mom passed in 95 and things were never the same. Christmas Eve was a sad time, I did not 
have my mom to make the smelts, apple fritters & the Christmas Eve Spaghetti  but I still had my boys at home and they eased the pain with their fun antics. Then they met special people, important woman that they fell in love with. Some marriages did not work out and we felt the loss. We hurt for our sons I think more then they hurt for themselves. In 1999 everyone was married or living with their significant other - I have been blessed with wonderful daughter in laws and significant others and the younger ones have blessed us with
beautiful wonderful grandchildren.
  So what's the problem - they have their own traditions - Christmas Eve is relatively lonely during the day and 
Christmas Day is hard trying to get everyone together. My hubby and I sort of flounder around until some of our family comes to visit. Meaning my sons and their families - no cousins visit, no family gatherings on Christmas Eve, no friends visit - it is hard for us to get use to after years of family time but we are still very much blessed because we have each other, we have our sons and their families healthy and we have our home
so maybe we will cuddle up this year and talk about yesterday's memories and be thankful we are together. - So many people are in pain, or are mourning their loved ones or are homeless or abused  - parents can't afford food or gifts for their children - and many families are separated with their loved ones fighting a war,
living far away - so many are hurting this season - - - please pray for them

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Lisa E said...

I am a grump this christmas and not jolly. Hmmpf, with that said and out in the blogger open, I agree that things change. Rick and I are celebrating with his son who is coming for this weekend. Shannon and her Jeffrey are going to be in Washington DC at his grandparents for Christmas. They alternate here and there for each Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year, Christmas is with his family.Both Rick and I feel nudgy and bah humbug this year. I am borderline sad. He is always grumpy at holidays. I used to love the holidays but somehow this year feels different. I don't know if it is the economy, the current state of the world (and our back yards). I get mad at family more than I ever did. (I only hurt myself, and Rick cuz he has to live with me)I am overly sensitive. Boy I am rambling here. Anyhow, to answer your question, I do not think everyone is really happy and jolly at Christmas. Ho Ho Ho :) your nutty neighbor!

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