Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I do the Event Keeper calender at work. I truly enjoy doing it, it is one of my most favorite things to do.
I finished doing December's yesterday. My Director was not there to edit it but I thought I had covered everything so I saved it to our web site and then printed it off in multiple copies for our patrons.

I used the word "Holiday" instead of "Christmas" on the days announcing we were closed.  I wanted to use Christmas but there are two other religions that celebrate holidays in December and I did not want to slight them. One is Hannikka and the other one is Kwanza.

As a child in grade school and high school we knew Thanksgiving as Thanksgiving and Christmas as Christmas.  Nothing was ever mentioned or celebrated of the other two. In fact I don't believe Kwanza was known  in my childhood days.

How things have changed since those days and not for the better. For years now we are told to say Happy
Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Our children are not allowed to pray in school, the Nativity is banned from being displayed in so many states.

 Instead of being celebrated as the day of our Lord's birth,it  is so commercialized that all you see on television are commercials advertising the "latest"  to buy , or advertising the newest gift out for your child along with the newest golf item or piece of jewelry for the adult.

The simple pleasures of days past are gone, the children  today expect gifts ,not little gifts either--while the children of yesterday knew the importance of  Christmas. We use to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, make Him a birthday cake with candles.  We looked forward to the beautiful service of Midnight Mass. Today if the children attend services it is a blessing.
As a lot of our ministers and priests say   "LET'S KEEP CHRIST IN   What do you celebrate in your home? Is it one of the above, or something new?


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Lisa E said...

I have become more aware of people saying "happy Holidays'. I have contact with many cultures and religions where I work so at work, I am careful to wish people a happy holidays. I did notice though, that the city of Millvale has a Nativity proudly set in a busy intersection. Good For Millvale.

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