Sunday, February 3, 2013

Colors Of Life


Do you have a favorite color? I bet you have many, but if there was one color you had to chose,which one would it be?  Not only do I have to chose a color, but I have to write about it. A difficult assignment for me. Our facilitator makes it a challenge, but also a learning experience.

I have to chose one and write about it. This is my assignment for one of the writing groups at the library. I have 3 favorite colors,one for spring and summer and one for fall and winter. The one for spring and summer is yellow, and the one for fall and winter is blue. Then I have one for my health, and that color is Pink. I choose to write about Pink.

Pink -there are so many shades of pink. But when I close my eyes and visualize pink,  I see a  beautiful sunrise,and/or a beautiful sunset. I have been privileged enough to see many of both. Sometimes I just have to stop and stare in awe at the beautiful scenery God has made. It truly takes my breath away.

In flowers, I choose the pink rose, because that was my mothers favorite color of roses, plus her name is Rose.And it is Saint Teresa's flower, the pink rose.

In clothes, the color pink always makes a person look healthy. Not only that, but if a someone has a tan and wears pink it really brings out the tan.  A pink dress to me gives the illusion of  romance, especially if it is a flowing pink dress.
I think pink would taste like a delicacy. Light and airy with no substance. I love pink gum, because that usually means that it is bubble gum, yum!

A couple of things I would not like in pink, is a car, or truck. Definitely I  would not like a pink house, or pink socks, nor would I like my walls painted pink.

The main reason I love pink is because it is a symbol of hope, of courage, of strength, of a warrior and unity
To me it means I am not alone..


Diana Lee said...

Well done Dee x

Sharon Lippincott said...

What a fun exercise, writing about color. I like red, any time, any place. To me, red is the color of energy and passion. It's the color of life. It tastes hot and spicy and the scent of red varies. Some days it's roses, others it's chili simmering on the stove. Red is fire and warmth. Pizza and enchiladas. Sunshine and tropics. Red is my color. On a car, for sure. On a wall, too much, but red carpets are comforting and rich.

Kerry Liz said...

Pink is pretty and comforting. It to me smells of roses, too, and St. Therese is lovely! Seashells and Bermuda beaches, bunnies' noses and intelligent piglets are all pinks, too. But I agree, you are a warrior dressed in feminity!

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