Tuesday, February 19, 2013


    The majority of people are great, they are caring and thoughtful. For instance, look at the widow who's husband died, and she only had $ 9.00 in her checking account. She said she was going to sale everything she owned so that she could make his last wish come true, and bury him in his family plot.
    Somehow the news media got hold of the story and published it. Yep, you got it. The donations came pouring in, and now she has more then enough money to make his wish come true.People cared and wanted to help.
    Whenever somebody is in need and it is publicly made known, people come forward to help. Through different kinds of fund raisers. raffles, spaghetti dinners,donations, etc.
   The majority of people hate to see people hurting in any way, mentally or physically and they want to try to ease their pain or worry.
  When someone who is facing a serious medical problem hears, "don't worry" / "your going to be fine " the have to smile and say thank you, when in reality they probably want to scream and say, how do you know this, I don't even know.   But people say this because they don't know what else to say, or they think this makes the person feels better.
  The truth is that no one knows if "everything will be fine." They are hoping everything will be, but nothing is guaranteed. What should be said in my opinion, is "I'm sorry your have to go through this"," is there anything I can do", or "try not to worry"/ "you will be in my thoughts" or "prayers being said".
  What is your opinion?

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Hughes ap Williams said...

As I sit here reading your post I am recovering from three hours of biopsy procedures this afternoon.

So far no "everything will be fine" comments. Most were along the line of "Think positive thoughts" and "the odds are with you" and "thinking of you."

t may not make me feel more positive, but they get points for trying...

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