Saturday, February 2, 2013

Little Services We Took for Granted

Wow! Is it ever cold outside.
  Having to pump gas in this cold weather, makes me wish for the yesterdays of buying gas. We never even had to get out of the car and freeze while filling up the tank. Back in the day, gas stations were called Gas Service Stations.  The key word is service, and it meant exactly that - they gave us service!
  Remember how the attendant would wash our windows front, and back, check our oil, and transmission oil? They would tell us if we needed to add a quart of oil and when we told them OK, they would put it in for us,  All free service for just buying gas!
 We never had to get out of  the car, the driver just sat there nice and toasty while the attendant took care of everything. Oh, do I miss that.
  Why do I take things for granted and then when they are gone realize what great service I had? Probably it was because I grew up in that era. They just stopped offering that service not to long ago. In fact not to many years ago.
  Now we have to get out of the car, put the gas in and check all that needs checked. Plus we have to pay for the gas!

Then when you were a patient in the hospital, the nurses aid use to come around after visiting hours and ask patients if they wanted a back message. They would rub cream on your back and message it,  when done they would bring you a snack and a drink, if you wanted.

Ah, the little things in life, can you think of any small pleasures they have done away with ?


Hughes ap Williams said...

Move to New Jersey!

Jersey girls don't pump gas.

Kerry Liz said...

My dad told me about the people coming to pump the gas and wash the windows. I never experienced it myself, but it sounds lovely. I guess that you do not know what you have until it is gone.

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