Friday, November 6, 2009


I would like to blog about my dear neighbor & friend .  I met Lisa just a few months ago even though she has been my neighbor for at least 5 years,  It's hard to believe our paths never crossed before  this past summer since we live in such close proximity.  I  don't know how it happened but all of a sudden we started talking one morning. She looking great and glamourous in her great convertible and me standing on the porch in my nightclothes looking like I was looking for my broom!  She is a real gem and I am so very glad to have her
not only as a neighbor and friend but also my FB buddy and fellow blogger. 

She surprised me by naming me as one of the ones to receive the "BOLG AWARD".  Now if you have been following my blog you know there is nothing great about it, I can't do all the fancy things that she can. Her blog is fantastic and you have to stop and see it - at--snogirllygoeskeyboardhappy--From the outside looking in. 

In the mean time thank you so much Lisa for my award. I am celebrating with my buttons popping off of my shirt :-)

Anyhow I have to do all these things since I was awarded this Blog Award and I have to tell you a secret, it
is all so overwhelming to me-whew, I have read it once, then twice and the third time I said "I'll think about it tomorrow" - (stole this line from Gone With the Wind). I wonder how long I have to do this?

I had lunch with a very dear friend today and afterwards she left to go to New Jersey to help her son and daughter-in-law move into their new house. Her son had called that morning to ask her and her husband to
help them out, so they just stopped what they were doing and packed, They were leaving around two this afternoon and are probably  still on the road.
She does not blog but she gets the Most Helpful Friend Award from me. This woman, Lorraine - goes out of her way for everyone in one way or another. She always builds you up and tells you how wonderful you look even when you know you look your worst. She is always asking about you and your family and is genuinely interested in your life.
When I was operated on in January she made food and brought up many a dinner with desert -(she is a gourmet cook) along with desert. Loads of magazines, offered to do whatever we needed her to do. Just her being our friend and caring was such a wonderful feeling. There is no way we can ever thank her even though
we have tried in many different ways.  This fine lady has been through so many health issues but she never
thinks of herself, it is always the other person that needs to be taken care of. I HONOR HER WITH THE AWARD OF A TRUE GENUINE WOMAN WHO IS HELPFUL IN EVERY WAY.

So the evening is winding down, we had a delightful dinner out and are now at home chilling out- what a
good feeling to be snug as a bug in a rug on this chilly night.   Later

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Lisa E said...

Dee..............You make me blush. hahaha at glamorous. You are too funny. Do not be overwhelmed about that award. Just copy the picture and put it on your blog. It seems very few are doing all that other stuff. I too, am very glad you are my neighbor. It is so funny, actually, that it took this long. I am looking out my window in amazement at how fast your tree is touching the sky again. I remember when you cut it way back awhile ago. It is such a pretty tree. Well I must get ready for work. Have a great day.


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