Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Rainy Day in Springdale

Woke up to the rain pelting the bedroom window, I just sighed and turned over at the same time thinking
lucky me, I can stay in bed all day if I want. No work, no appointments, no babysitting today.I  snuggled
under my down comforter more appreciating that fact.
 I am having withdrawal  pains from Anna though. She is so fun to be with and I like the one on one time.

I do a sort of Newsletter on the internet when something of importance or interest has happened. It's called
Clark's Summit. I started it in 2006 but since I am blogging I hardly ever do a Clark Summit. I did one so I could tell all my dear friends and family the latest news about Nancy & Tommy. Also I wrote about other stuff too.
One being it will be 3 yrs survivor day for me tomorrow. OH HAPPY DAY

Do any of you  wear hearing aids?  I do, wahoo  just what I always wanted, yeah right.  I got mine just a little over a year ago. It was like every sound came alive again.  I didn't know that I was so bad till I found myself  asking" what" when someone would talk to me, at work especially when the patrons had to keep repeating themselves. So I marched myself to hearing aid doctor and kept telling myself I am not deaf, I can't be deaf, but oh was I so wrong, the doctor, well  he told me I was 58% deaf in one ear and 45% in the other!  I knew then that besides having a pace maker, I would be wearing hearing aids. Yep, I have two of them,
one for each year.  I am able to hear sounds that I had been missing for some time and I did not even know
I was missing them till I heard them again.
The price of them was out of site, I could have had a nice face lift for what I am paying but hey, at least I can hear. Did  I say I can hear?  Well lately it seems like I can't hear as well as I first could with them. For what we are paying I should have no trouble hearing a tiny burp - so now that the warranty is up I have to go and get the hearing aids checked - - - - Maybe it is just something minor and it won't cost anything to fix it.
I'll keep you posted - - - - I feel better now that I shared that with all of you in cyberspace  Good Night

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