Monday, November 23, 2009


Tell me it isn't so,  It's said there is a shortage of Libby's Pumkin Pie filling because the pumpkins were not plentiful this season - - oh no!
 What are we to do, pumpkin pie is a steady staple on our dining room table, how can it be Thanksgiving without the Pumkin Pie?  Well, Sweet Potatoes make a pretty good tasting pie, so we can always do our back up, a little more work but worth all the hassle.  Hmmm- I have to go searching for a Sweet Potato Pie recipe. Wish me luck, I think I'll look on line - but now it's off to get ready for my 8 hour work day   
 I have the perfect sugar cookie for my blogger friend to make - they are called SLICE AND BAKE COOKIES and they have a angel in the middle, a Christmas tree in the middle and are so very easy to make -saves you all the hassle also.***********************************************************
Sing the song below to" IT'S OFF TO WORK I GO"

It's off to work I go, to make a little dough, for I need money to spend for my Grandchildren that I love so.
do dew do dew whistle while you work, oh whistle while you work   HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK

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Lisa E said...

Ha Ha, Dee, I even burn them :) I am a foolproof cookie burning machine.

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