Friday, August 29, 2014

Being Honest

Being Honest,
                                              Life is unfair to so many people. Why are some chosen to be the unlucky ones, the unhealthy ones, the homeless ones, the abused ones, the unloved ones? What did they do other than being born (which they had no say so in) to deserve this kind of life?
                                            For the life of me I cannot figure it out. I have heard of cases where one of the less fortunate met someone, or someone found them and turned their life around and made it all right in their world. But really, how many times does that happen?
                                        Life is unfair because right now as I write this
  there is someone going through a garbage can looking for scraps, someone is sleeping under a bridge with no pillow under their head or blanket to cover them.  Thankfully the weather is nice so the little ones with out shoes can still survive. So many children are so hungry right now and they can't even find a crumb of bread, or they have access to free food, but the parents are ashamed to sign the permission slip to let the kids eat. Who suffers for that? Not the parents, the little kids do, because their parents are too ashamed or too proud to accept help. So sad, so very sad. There is a little kid right now home alone without food, who does not know where his/her parents or parent could be.
.                                         A person is being abused right now- because why? Someone wants to show power? someone has so much anger and hatred in their heart they are taking it out on the one closest to them whether it be child or adult. Or a little baby's cry woke up someone and made them angry enough to shake that little innocent baby to death? Some parent is taking a hit right now in front of their child, drinking booze from a bottle, slurring their words, and their child looks on.
                                          Life is unfair
 why do some children have to suffer from serious illness, they have no control over their lives and have to depend on others, They are in pain and don't know why. they break my heart.  What do they think when they see other kids their own age laughing and playing? Hopefully the nurses and doctors make them smile and laugh during the day.
                                           Life is unfair
Adults - oh, we think we are so indestructible, we are so wrapped up in everyday life that most of us take our good health for granted. We are too busy or too much in a hurry to make a phone call or my goodness, even a short visit to cheer someone. When hearing of someone else's misfortune, whether it be illness or job loss, we sympathize and then it promptly leaves our head. Why? because it has not affected any one in their family circle. And even if it does affect someone in the family circle we are too busy to do for them also.
                                  Life is unfair
 one day everyone will realize this in some way or another, even when the flowers are in bloom and the trees are gorgeous in color, the birds may be singing, the sun may be shining and even though we are thankful for this day   - - - - - - Life is unfair to many

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