Friday, August 29, 2014

Those Were The Days

 As I age I find myself thinking of my childhood and teen years. Just little things, but little things mean a lot as the song of old goes.
    When I was a young mother, going through the infant stage, toddlers, childhood, & as a teen mom, I barely thought of my childhood memories, we were too busy making our own. We were enjoying raising our family. I did write a page here and there of what was happening in our lives, but they were few and far between. I can say that those were truly the best days of our lives.
     The boys were involved in so many activities, cub scouts, baseball, basketball, &  football at all different ages and games were at all different times and  different fields. I sometimes would have to go to two baseball games in one evening. Half the game
to see Ron J, and the other to see Brian play, because Ron was coaching the others.
   I remember one time Ron called and asked me to go to the baseball field and line it. I had no clue what he was talking about but he thought I did. He said "the liner and chalk is in the dug out in the back, all you have to do is put the chalk in the liner and make a straight line".  Oh lordy I thought as I drove to the field. what am I getting myself into. 
   I parked and walked to the dug out and start pulling out the equipment I thought I would need, I had just started to understand what to do when the assistant coach came and took over. I was so relieved to see him and have him do it. He made it look like a piece of cake! I know that I would of really screwed up if I had to do it.
     I hated when Jeff &  Ron played football, I thought it was too physical but they loved it, so what is a mother to do when their dad is all for it also? I put my game face on and went. I was always happy when the season was over. I found it hard living in a household of men. They are seemed to gel together in every sport and I was out in left field somewhere just trying to catch what was going on.
     Baseball was a sport all the boys excelled in. Doug's nickname was Scoops, because he always could scoop up the ball. Doug and Jeff were good at pitching and hitting also and got many home runs. Ron was a left handed pitcher and a good one, Brian did not pitch but hit a lot, He always managed to hurt his ankle and was never able to play in the all star game. Every year he was picked and every year he hurt his ankle and could not play. I bet he felt bad inside though he never complained.
    I liked to watch them play, but I watched for fly balls more then I watched the game. A lot of those balls came our way, one guy had his jaw broken. After that happened I could not relax, so after many, many times of going to the games, I finally wised up and sat on the other side of the field by myself. I didn't care that I was by myself, all I cared about was the fact that I knew no ball could reach that far and I could enjoy watching. Of course my boys and husband thought I was crazy but that didn't change my mind and my anxiety level went to zero.
    One of our favorite times as parents was when the boys and Ron & I would all gather in the living room and watch Happy Days and Lavern & Shirley. We would make popcorn and drinks and do a lot of laughing at the funny antics on the shows. That was truly family time together and we all enjoyed it. Afterwards it was bath time and bed. We had a good feeling of peace in side of us when the boys were in bed safe at night - all was right with the world, our world.
   But now in the twilight of my life (which I hate to write, but why pretend, is what it is) I find myself remembering so much.
           For instance If I had an upset stomach the remedy in our home was to drink a half of glass of Brioche. My dad would put a couple of teaspoons of the little snow crystals (that's what they looked like) in a glass, then add water, I would watch it start too fizz and had to drink it fizzing. It's still on the market as I still see it in the little Italian stores. I have a bottle, not to use because it is way to old, but just to "remember." I keep telling myself to replenish the old bottle so I can use the new one.
           I was left alone to babysit my brother a lot. It never came to pass, but I always worried how I would get upstairs to his crib in case of fire or burglars. I hated to babysit, I was always so scared and jumped at every noise I heard. At that time the radio and tv went off the air at 11 o'clock p.m. and the house was too dang quiet except for all these strange noises I would hear. I think my parents should have hired a babysitter for both of us.
           I remember having the measles around the time ofmy birthday, the party was already planned and it was too late to cancel.  So she had it at the neighbors house while I stayed on the couch at home. She would come over at times and show me what the kids gave me for presents, but I felt sad to miss out on my own party. I know one gift was a pretty colorful umbrella she twirled it around so I could see the pretty colors. I don't remember the other gifts just that one.

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