Thursday, August 1, 2013


I was a newly married young woman of 3 months when the first historical event happened.
It started out like any other day; we were still getting use to living with each other.   We hurriedly showered and dressed for work so we could have a leisurely cup of coffee together.  Then it was time to go, at that time he worked in Large and would drive though Glassport where I worked, so he would drop me off.
The beauty shop was having a busy, noisy day in November of 1963; everyone was talking about the holidays and food. The bell jingled on the door alerting us that a client had entered. She hurriedly came walking in the room with her coat and gloves still on. She asked us if we had heard that a sniper shot President Kennedy.  Immediately the room went so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. We just stared at her, no one could believe it. Someone went and put the radio on so we could hear more of what happened.  Right after that my husband, Ron called me to tell me he heard it also. Kennedy died that day - It was a very sad day, and everyone was subdued.
Not long after, the police arrested Lee Harvey Oswald for President Kennedy’s murder. He was in jail and while being transferred to prison, he was shot to death by Jack Ruby, who came out of nowhere. Jack Ruby spent the rest of his days in prison and died there.
I can continue to write about Kennedy’s funeral and Vice President Johnson becoming President, but it would turn into a novel!  In addition to this historical event, there are other events to mention.

Bobby Kennedy, President Kennedy's brother was assassinated and so was Martin Luther King. So much history we have lived through.
There was “Watergate” where President Nixon had to resign because of stolen documents. Gerald Ford became our President then.

I'm stopping at this part - so much more to cover - I'll leave it for another time

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