Thursday, August 1, 2013

    The week before Palm Sunday already! I have no clue where  the time has went.  Honestly, I wish Lent would start over again.   It has passed me by so fast and I have no one to blame but my self.  If I can find the time for everything else, I should have  found time to take part in Lenten services.
   Do you remember when you were a child how your mom would take you shopping for your Easter Bonnet? Not only a bonnet, but a dress, with white or black paten leather new shoes, along with a new spring coat. 
   I got all of that and would even get a new dress for Palm Sunday,  I felt so special in my new clothes.
How different times were back then. Easter Mass was more like a fashion show then anything else. Every woman and child dressed in their finest, and always a hat. In those years we had to wear a hat or babushka (scarf) to church. 
   It was the custom back then for the women to receive an orchid corsage to wear on their coat or suit for Easter
. My dad always got my mom  one would get me one too. I felt so grown up.
    When I started Catholic grade school I learned the real reason for Easter, that our Lord died on the cross for us. Going to Catholic grade school, I learned about the saints, why the holidays were celebrated, and how Jesus died for us. I also got a awful sense of guilt. The nuns were good at making us feel that way. We had to sit up straight in our chairs and fold our hands when the nuns were talking. You know what though? I would do it all over again

    I remember like it was yesterday that it happened instead of many years ago. I went to confession to our priest Father O'Hara. I confessed one of my sins was forgetting to say my morning prayers. He told me the best way to remember is when I took my shoes off to put them under the bed. In the morning I would have to get on my knees to get them and I would remember to say my morning prayers. 
    I never forgot it.

    Father O'Hara baptized me, heard my first confession, gave me First Holy Communion, was there at Confirmation, and married Ron and I. He was old when I was in grade school, I have no idea how old he was when he married us, I would guess ancient (lol).
I remember two other priests that left a lasting impression on me and that was Father Gladyis and Father Peterman. Some of the nuns that taught me in grade school also left a lasting impression and they were: Sister Mary, principle, Sister Roselyn, Sister Opportune, Sister Phyllis and Sister Barbara.

  Just a little bit more of my memoirs

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