Thursday, August 1, 2013


People have a hard time accepting change. Someone recently said , “soon children won’t know how to write in cursive,”  I believe that. The advancement of technology is changing constantly. We are learning new ways of doing things every day,

Computers were non existent when I went to school. In fact it wasn't until the late 1980 that I got a handle on how to use computers. My husband showed me how to use it, he was way ahead of  the times when he chose to go to computer school when he graduated high school. Smart move on his part, very smart move, because today in the 2000's it is the way the world is run - A brand new world has opened for children today, they have such an advantage by using the computer in the schools and researching their projects. We did not know that some day our own children would have such a wide variety of electronics to choose from, like,  have the WI, the X Box, I-Pad, I-phone, etc., The VCR- why that is obsolete today - yes, a whole new world for our grandchildren than the one we had or our children had.
Today, children are taught a completely different way of doing the three R's, reading, writing and arithmetic, ( math) then we were taught. They did not learn how to read with Dick and Jane. In pre-school and kindergarten they already know the alphabet and how to count to twenty if not beyond. They learn how to write their name and have to have memorized their address and phone number. When I was a child we went straight into first grade.  We had typewriters, do you know what a typewriter is? Today children have computers and printers that print out their work.

The kids today don’t have to use carbon paper to make duplicate copies. They just push the number of how many copies they need on the copier.  Now we have the e-reader, books on CD’s – who knows if books will be in use in the future, or if we still will have the wonderful library to visit.

Our grandchildren’s children will go to a museum to look at what we used. Some examples; The typewriter, the data cards, the adding machine (calculating machine) , DVD’s. Encyclopedias that are not used today because of access to computers. All that will be in the museum along with many more items.

They will look at it all and think of it as antiques - funny - we looked at our parents way of growing up as antiques and old fashion and now we will be looked on as antiques and old fashion.
          Such is life

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