Thursday, August 1, 2013

Do You Remember - - - ?

    As a child there was a chore that only I did. It was a boring job, and didn't require much muscle. I did it at least once a month. Today, I doubt if anymore does it, except maybe by the affluence.
    I sat at the table in the kitchen and had two rubbing towels, and a open jar of Wright's Silver Ware Polish along with that all of the silverware and anything else silver that needed done. One piece at a time, I rubbed the polish into the silver, put that piece down and went on to the others. When done I would get the other cloth and rub the polish off of each piece. Then I would put all the silverware into hot soapy water.
  A mundane job, but one I remember and would gladly do again in my parents kitchen.
   How many of us still do that today? I would bet not to many of us, but for old time sake I just bought a jar and intend to use it in the near future, just for memory sake.

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