Wednesday, March 13, 2013


  I was feeling safe, something I said I would never be able to do again. But, the doctor's gave me hope. They led  me to believe I was out of the danger zone. So I started to actually feel safe. Wrong move that was on my part. Six years out and I was forgetting, and living life normally.
  In the middle of January I felt it, I'm thinking scar tissue, I'm thinking everything but cancer. I was wrong. It was cancer. In the same breast, in the same area
.Even though I felt as if I was kicked in the stomach, I am blessed. It is a localized recurrence, the Pet Scan was negative and all 18 of my lymph nodes are clear. This is really great, all positives. I had to have a mastectomy, but they got it all and clean margins. The only down thing is that it is Triple Negative Cancer, the most aggressive form and the one that they have no sure treatment for.
  I am recuperating at home now. Very lonesome time, no little ones around, it's cold outside so can't sit out on the patio or front porch, not allowed to drive yet, no visitors, my husband, bless him, comes home every day and has lunch with me. He is a saint with all he has to put up with. I love to read, but can't seem to get into the story. Everyone says to keep busy by reading, working cross word puzzles or something you like to do. Everything I like to do involves driving and being out of the house.
 How they will treat me is unclear as I type this. The first time I had Chemo and Radiation, that is what caused the heart problems. I take a blood thinner for Atrial Fib, plus have a pace maker for slow heart beat.  My age is getting up there, even though my mind is young.
  Please keep me and my doctors in prayer so they can prescribe the correct treatment.
 Even though a thousand and one things can happen in 10 years, and no one can predict the future, I would love to be around to see some of my grandchildren graduate from high school.
  Thank you for all the cards and well wishes. They truly do cheer me up, yep I'm a wimp this time around. They said it is to be expected from what my body has been through, but I hate feeling blue.
   Don't take your health for granted and thank God for your health and your family's. I know that some of my sisters will be reading this and they are fighting their own battle, please keep them in prayer also.
  Thank you and God Bless


Diana Lee said...

You've been missed ♥

Sharon Lippincott said...

Dear Dee,

I'm so sorry you are trapped this way and pray for you that you'll soon be out and about. Let's definitely plan on those graduation ceremonies. We attended our first last year and believe me, they are even more special than the ones for children.

Blessings on your doctors.

Pamela said...

Great post. And I agree, you have been missed. You are in my prayers always.

Kerry Liz said...

Please let me know if I can be of any help... visit, bring tea, read to you, play board or card games...

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