Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Spring - a time for renewal and new birth.

 Today marks three weeks and two days since I was operated on, and finally - I  feel myself becoming a little stronger. I'm also healing physically.
Of course I don't know how strong I really am, since I still can't manage steps and only have 3 rooms, plus a powder room to roam through. But, I think if I could do more, I would feel even stronger.
 I'm happy to say that my mental health has improved also, thank goodness. I could not stand myself!  I thank God, and all of you praying for me, Prayers are the reason for my improvement.
  I still have one drain in, I don't know where all of the fluid is coming from, I sure hope it is almost done so I can get this pulled out. Then I will be able to drive and do some normal things, but still not able to lift five pounds or more until I am completely healed.
 I have the nicest, most beautiful, caring, wonderful nurse navigator, She is truly an angel on earth. She has helped me so much, I don't know what I would do without her. She has been with me since I had my biopsy. I always look forward to seeing her or talking to her, she takes her time with me. She is a breast cancer survivor who feels empathy for all.  
 I sure miss working, I miss seeing everyone, and doing programs. 
Things seem to be going forward quite well without me. That is good for them, bad for me.
  Other then last week, when my director came to visit me, yesterday was the nicest day I have spent at home since I had my operation. Two lovely, lively, fun women from one of my programs came to visit. We had such a fun afternoon. It was good to laugh so much, I wish that could happen a couple of times a week. It was so good to interact with them instead of over the computer - it's just a machine, I do have a camera to have face to face contact, but it has never happens, so I took it down.
 The kids have been over once or twice, and we have been over to my one son's to help or watch them make Easter Baskets. It was fun & dinner was included. I love being around my little gems, they can put a smile on my face faster then you can say boo. They are so loving, so happy and so lively. I'm thankful we live close, but I wish at times like this we lived even closer.
 There are some people that think a 5 minute or 10 minute phone call out of a 24 hour day is sufficient. Those of you who are shut ins' that can't get out, or ill and recuperating, know that it is not even a drop in the bucket. How do you handle the days if you are a shut-in How do you handle the days if you don't have neighbors or family stopping in?  I can't - I try, but I truly can't. I doubt if anyone that is a shut in or house bound is even reading this, so I guess I won't have an answer.  I truly wish I knew some people that were house bound, because I would make it my business to visit them when this drain comes out, or call them if they were not up to visitors
  I know that there are people that like staying home everyday, but they have a car and get out if they wanted, they probably get phone calls or have their spouses at home, so that is an all together different ballgame from a shut-in.
 Kids have their own families to take care of, but to some even a phone call takes to much time or is to much to do out of the day. I don't understand it.
  Everybody is different, but it makes me wonder why some people think to call everyday and some just can't find the time, because they are to busy or it does not enter their mind.    
 I miss seeing seeing and talking to everyone, I know I could never stay at home every day. Now I know why I see elderly volunteers at the hospitals, they need to get out and about, and see people. They are blessed that they are able to get out.
 I truly feel for the shut-in's that can't get out, or have no one to call them or visit them. I can't imagine living like that every day.  
 When I was a child and young teenager, my mom always had people stopping in for coffee and to talk, that was when women stayed at home. and my dad, he was very involved with the fire hall where he was president. We live in an altogether different world today. 
Doctor visit today. drain still in, too much fluid is still coming out. He said 9 (NINE) chemo treatments. He also said I didn't have to have chemo, but there would be a 40 percent chance of recurrence - so what would your choice be?  
I am 6 years older, my body is probably older then that since the last chemo session. But I'm going for it


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Summer will be good to you ♥

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