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They say that if you like to write and do, that you are a” writer.”  I love to write. I post on my Blog and on Face Book, in case someone is interested in reading it.

 I started to write in earnest when diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2006. I poured my heart and soul into “Clark’s Summit.”  I wrote daily giving a blow-by-blow description of what I was going through. I asked for prayers. It was truly my lifeline. I found such wonderful caring people. They wrote back encouraging me, sending me cards, telling me they were praying for me, and that they were there for me. That Blog saved my sanity. 

I started writing way before 2006. It was a family newsletter, sent out by snail mail. I did it that way because I thought family would like to receive personal mail as I did. In addition, they would be more inclined to read it. At that time, not everyone had a computer.  It was not a cheap project, but I enjoyed doing it so much that I didn’t care.

 I liked seeing what I wrote in print, and didn’t worry about correct grammar or where a comma went. To be honest, it did not occur to me.  I was just happy to know that family, who did not see each other often, would at least know what was happening in each other’s lives.
 I enjoyed calling people to see if they had anything to contribute; it gave me a chance to talk to them. I asked for recipes, and tips they might want to share.  I tried to make it interesting and entertaining. Everyone cooperated so enthusiastically at first, but like with everything else, it started to get old.  People didn’t contribute as often, news only trickled in or sometimes did not come at all. And I didn’t want it to be just a” Clark” newsletter, so I quit writing it.

At one time in my life, I volunteered my services. (Names, places won’t be told. You would not know the place anyhow) I really thought I was doing a good job, until a person took me aside and said that my grammar and punctuation was terrible. ( it embarrasses me to write this but it is part of my life story)

Now, I knew I wasn’t perfect, but I had no idea that I was that bad.  Oh my goodness, I was so very ashamed and embarrassed.  Even though I mostly worked with numbers in the business field, I still had to write and type up quotes, and letters and the people I typed them up for never told me to redo them.  

I quit writing for a very long time after that. I lost my confidence, my desire, and my ambition. Then someone said to me, “don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your own.”  And I realized that  I was doing just that.  Therefore, I started writing out slowly, and very unsure of myself. 
I was afraid to share what I wrote. I thought everyone would think what a terrible writer I was, but I kept on writing.
 I bought  a good dictionary, and books on grammar, read them and promptly forgot what I read.  I thought I was a lost cause, but I kept writing.

I bless the person who told me that quote, because today, I write a blog, and belong to three writing groups. I have learned that there is more to writing than just writing. Like punctuation and grammar.  Even though I keep a dictionary beside me with a grammar book, my punctuation is usually wrong.  My paragraphs are not long enough, or too long. 

However, I am writing for my pleasure and for my children’s children, and their children. I am writing my life story. This will be one of the stories included.  I post on my blog, which I then put in a book form to be passed down. I have two books published so far. Who knows how many more I will have made. I hope someday my great, great grandchildren will read them. They will know about me, about family life, and somehow gain some knowledge of their ancestors.

 I know people who write, and find out they have a degree in Creative Writing, or English.  I so envy them, because they know where to put the punctuation marks. When to end, and start a new paragraph, is a thought that fleeting crosses my mind, as I keep on writing. 

I like to write, I usually do not plan on what I am going to write.  A word I hear or read might trigger a memory in my mind, and that makes me write about that subject. Or an idea comes into my mind, and I grab my notebook and start writing.

People say that I write from the heart, and that is a compliment. Nevertheless, many of my peers criticize my work, and have every right to, because of grammar and punctuation mistakes. It is called critiquing. That is how I learn.

 If I had to think of where every comma went, or if I put - i before e, except after c – well, let me just say, I would not write. If I planned to write a novel, I would hire an editor to fix all of my mistakes. 
In my writing programs, the members are so helpful; they explain and give examples on how to write. They are encouraging and stress for me to tell my story. They are encouraging and I have learned a lot.
I tried writing a poem once about two dear aunts, who were in the same nursing home. They passed not to long after one another.  My dear cousin edited it for me and I was very thankful, I didn’t even ask her, she did it on her own and I won third place. 

So, am I a writer?                              - - -   Yes.
 Am a good writer?                                - --No 
 Can I write a good story?                      - -Yes
Am I more confident when I write? - - - -   Yes
Do I like my peers to critique me? - - - -   -Most definitely

On another note - - - -- - -

I am reading some interesting books,  I wish I could read more than I do, but I have to find time for all the things I enjoy doing and it is a hard thing to do.

Those of you who have IPhone’s, - I love the game Gems – it is the only game I can actually win at
I think Taylor Swift had implants!  Don’t know why, she was built so perfect I think. She will be in Pittsburgh in July. 

The Flu is scary for people like me; I have never washed my hands so much! Have to re buy Clorox wipes, I have gone through two already!

I have yet to have a cup of tea or coffee, and it is almost noon.  I did not take my medicine either.  Days off should be lazy days. Mine fly by so fast.  Everything has to be done in 2 days, even my fun things, and my hobbies. Impossible to occur.

I had a dream I was to move to Ecuador!  I have never even thought of the place, let alone want to visit. Don’t know where that dream came from!

Thanks for reading with me,  let me know what you think


Diana Lee said...

You should write something that Ecuador nudge. There's a reason for that :-)

Hughes ap Williams said...

In 2000 I became a writer when I was unceremoniously kicked out of the corporate world. Loving dogs and sick of offices [and, maybe, people], I went to work for a kennel. Soon after I wrote my first published feature articles for the local Gannett newspaper on such topics as "what to pack for your dog's stay at the kennel" and "puppy-proofing your home".

Wow! I could earn actual money writing about stuff I liked. I added quilts to my repertoire and then local politics. I was a writer! A member of the press!

There was no problem with grammar and spelling as my first degree was in English, but I always use grammar check and spell check.

But I can't seem to get a handle on fiction...


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