Saturday, June 23, 2012


              Here they come! 
 Birthday season is upon the family!

     2 in June, 3 in August, 4 in September, plus 3 anniversaries.  
     Thankfully,we can take a breather after that until November.
           Do you have traditions you celebrate for birthdays in your home?
    The one tradition that we have is to sing the 2nd verse of Happy Birthday. It goes ~~~~~~
          " May the dear Lord bless you, May the dear Lord bless you ,
May He bless you and keep you, May the dear Lord bless you."
  The grandchildren know many different ways to sing happy birthday. So we let them sing the song their way, and when they are done, then we sing the second verse.
That is the one thing we are consistent with. As far as the birthday food, for the kids, it's cupcakes and ice cream, the adults have cake with ice cream or/and pie for the ones who don't like cake.
    We have had birthday parties at the beach, it's a different and fun thing to do. That is when we buy the birthday cake or pie. Who wants to bake  when you can be at the ocean?  One year we celebrated our youngest son's birthday in Colorado. That was a once in a lifetime birthday. We were way up in the Rockie Mountains, above tree level, and on one side it was bright and sunny, but if you walked a couple of feet, you were in the snow, and able to make and throw snowballs.
    We had a cookout on the sunny side and a snowball battle on the other side without having to do anything but walk a few feet. It was awesome.

     Our birthday party's are held with a dinner for the family and guests, then the singing and then opening the gifts. The grand kids are so excited that we get excited. They are so appreciative of what ever they receive, and it warms my heart to see they don't take any of it for granted. They give warm hugs with kisses and always say heartfelt thank yous to their friends.
   What makes me feel bad is that some of their uncles or aunts are not their to celebrate in the fun.  And they should be, they should know that the kids love having them there.The kids always ask if they are coming, and they are let down whenever they hear - no, they won't be here.
     I can't control what my sons do. But I can't understand it, because we always made a big deal out of their birthdays when they were growing up. At their birthday parties, their aunts and uncles were there for them along with the grandparents. I don't know why that didn't stick with them and for them to realize it would mean so much to everyone if they came.
It's a sore spot in my side that I have to live with. It's like they don't have time for us.
       I see so many traditions not held, because today life is to fast paced. No one takes the time to do family things like they use to. Even though I try to carry it on, but sometimes that does not carry much merit. Then later you find out that for other things, they had time to go here or there, they found the time to do that but not time for family. 
     What's it like in your house? Please share your traditions if you have them, and if you don't just tell how you celebrate.


Yes, this is anothe part of Writing My Life Story. I have to say it like it is, who knows maybe it will make a difference in some one else's family.

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