Sunday, July 1, 2012


Well, Guess what? I think the  traditional Sunday family dinners are becoming extinct, kaput. At least it seems that way.
    My husband and I thought we would invite everyone over for a good old fashion Sunday Italian dinner, with lots of  good food, talk and laughter with the kids and the grandkids.
    I sent a text to everyone and invited them this past week. No one was responding and the days were going by. So, I sent them a text again.
    Finally, the answers came trickling in. The first answer was; yes, we will be there. Second answer - we won't be able to make it (no reason), Third answer, I'm staying home and relaxing my leg today, Fourth answer, I'm working and the rest of the family has plans to go swimming.
      Did I read right?  This was surprising. We thought they would all be happy to get together for Sunday dinner? Who would not want to be with their family for dinner?   With the answers we were getting, we thought maybe they didn't.
    Since we were not expecting so many no answers, I am stuck with a lot of homemade sausage and meatballs not eaten. Guess what? We will be eating left overs all this week and won't mind at all?
    What really surprised us was the fact that they practically all said no.
No one really had a good valid reason, except for our son who was working. 
    What bothers us is that it is a chance for all the family to be together for an afternoon.
    What's happening to the good old family traditions?


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