Thursday, June 21, 2012


      Are you a writer?  If you are, do you write for pleasure or professionally?
I like to think of  myself as a writer. I write for pleasure and I write family memoirs so our grandchildren and theirs will know a little bit about their family  history.
    I wish someone on my parents side would of have done that. There are so many questions I have that will never be answered, because there is no one left to ask.  We are blessed to have my mother's brother and I believe his one son has been writing the history of our family. BUT - the information is not shared.
     Because of that, years ago I asked my mother-in-law to write down her family's history so our future generations will be able to read what life was like in the 20th century and the 21st. She is an artistic person and her words flow on paper. I think she is up to the year 1986. Yep, she still has a lot of writing ahead of her, She is such a spry 92-1`/2  yr. old.
     I am a novice writer, I know what I lack in writing, dialog, and using correct punctuation. At one time that was a huge deterrent, but no longer.
 I am just interested in writing everything I can about the history of our family's. I have a long way to go.
    I have written a lot about "ME", and I have voiced my opinion on different subjects. Now, well now, I am working hard at writing about my mother. It's sad for me to know that I don't know much about her childhood or teenage years. I know bits and pieces, and that is what I am trying to put together. Once I get past that part, then it will be easier, because I know what happened during that rest of her life. When I'm done, I will start to write about my dad, which will be just a little bit, but not much easier, for me to write.
    I had the rest of the blogs I wrote put into book form. It's filled with the second round of my blogs. Believe me when I say there are a million mistakes, but I hope those reading it will read it for the stories printed and not to find mistakes.

    This is a picture of my Dad, Mom and myself. Look at how pretty my mom is and the size of her waist! Look at how handsome my dad is, I was flower girl in my Aunt Carm's wedding. My mom saved my dress for all these years and now I have it, The one thing that stands out to this day about their wedding, is that someone slammed the car door on my finger and I screamed and cried. I do remember it hurt so bad.

    Have you noticed? How hot and humid it is way too early in the season. Actually, it became hot in the later part of spring.
   What's in store for the remaining of the summer? Considering this is the first day of summer, it is any one's guess.
    It is not in my best interest or anyone like me to be out in the sun even for swimming. My immune system is not the best and I'm for some reason not allowed to be in the hot sun.
    I like the mornings, it is still cool enough to sit outside drinking your morning coffee, to water the plants and throw bread out to the birds. My husband wants me to stop that, because he says it entices other animals. I keep forgetting to buy bird food though ,so therefore the bread., Shh, don't tell him, it's our secret!


Megan said...

I like the picture of you as a little girl. Very nice touch. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog, Dee. I love the idea of writing the story of each of your parents. I'm so grateful that Mom's cousin took the time to write several pages of stories about Mom when she was young, stories I would never have known. I don't know any about my dad when he was young, though. It will make those chapters more challenging, won't it?

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