Thursday, May 10, 2012


I usually steer away from subjects of controversy, but I am breaking my own rule this time.

Once we become of age, our life is ours to live the way we see fit, and to make of it what we wish.

As long as we don't break the law morally or physically, as long as we don't hurt or abuse anyone, no one should pound on our doors.

We all make choices of how we live our life. Many of us are wholesome people that are living life to the fullest. It is our decision to turn away from things that can ruin or destroy our life.  

Back in the Fifties the blacks were not able to live their lives the way they wanted because of the way they were treated.

 In 1950 people were so sure that they were right in how they treated the Negro’s. They made life sad and miserable for them without remorse.

In 1956, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to move from the front of the bus that was for white people only. She stood her ground. I so admire her.

Miss Lucy had rocks and eggs thrown at her for being the first Negro to be admitted to the University of Alabama.

No one hung out or dated a Negro for fear that they would be shunned by their own race and their own people.  The babies that were born to a white or black mom or dad back then were either shunned by the blacks or by the whites. No one would accept them.

 Growing up in today’s world, it should not matter what color their skin. We should be way passed that. They are children, teens or adults and we are all one. We have the same organs, the same thoughts, we feel the same happiness, the same hurts. We are one and the same is my thought.

Slowly things were turning for a better life for the Negro.  In 1950 Althea Gibson was the first Negro to compete in the United States Championship games.

In 1952 Negros were allowed to play golf on Mondays only at Miami Springs Country Club, the other days whites only could tee off.

  In 1954 racial segregation was outlawed in the public schools of America. Finally being treated equal was happening. Since President Obama was elected President, closed doors are non-existent, they are all opened.

Back in 1952 there was a news flash of a man by the name of
George Jorgenson. The reason he made the news was because he had a sex operation that changed him to a her. The name became Christine. There were a lot of jokes made of that incident from what I can remember.

 Today it’s not as rare to hear of that taking place. The people that come out, as they say, are strong in their beliefs. They do not go hiding in the corner or hiding the fact. They admit it, which takes a lot of courage in my opinion. For instance, some that come to mind are Ellen DeGeneres & her partner,and Rosie and her partner. I know there are others, but I can’t think of the names right now. I know regular everyday people also, and other then the fact they love each other in a romantic way, they live just like we do, with jobs, activities and so forth.

No, it’s not the norm in our world. I know that. I know there are a lot of legal questions, like marriage and insurance, benefits and so forth. I don’t know all of the legalities involved.
What I do believe though, is that it is their life. If this is how they feel, who are we to say they can’t feel that way? How are they interfering with mine or yours?
They’re not. Let's let them live their lives, leave them alone and focus our energy on the ones that steal, murder, beat up, or abuse people and children.
The ones who should be outcast are the pedophiles, the ones who molest our children. The priests that YOU go and confess your sins so they can be forgiven.  They have the power to forgive you? The ones who stand up and preach the bible and act so holy. The football coach who a kid trusts and looks up to just to have that faith destroyed by being abused and feeling ashamed.

These are just my thoughts, you don’t have to agree or disagree. If you want to comment please feel free to.


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