Sunday, May 13, 2012



I have had two experiences with spirits.

My first one was back in 1976 when my Dad passed away. I was the only one up; everyone else was in bed sleeping. I was folding towels in the living room when I saw this shadow passing on the wall and at the same time had the strangest sensation going through my body. I just knew it was my Dad.  

On March 25, 1995 my mom passed away while in the hospital. They had called both my brother and me to tell us there had been a change in our mother’s condition. After leaving the hospital, I went with my brother and husband to the funeral home to make arrangements. They said to pick out the jewelry we wanted my mom to wear and to bring it back to the funeral home. So all three of us left and went to my Mom’s home. We left Ron downstairs in the living room and my brother and I went upstairs in my mom’s bedroom to look through her jewelry.

All of a sudden we heard this car horn blaring.  My brother said it sounded like some one’s car horn was stuck.  We both got up and looked out the window. The only car in the parking lot was my mother’s and that blaring was coming from her car!  We just looked at each other dunbfounded and then we knew she that it was her way was telling us she got to heaven OK. My husband who was downstairs, went out to stop the horn. He could not get the car horn to stop, and he actually had to open the hood and disconnect the cables to the battery! He was shook as we were.

I had one strange experience that happened to me without a reason. I was a teenager still living at home.  My mom was having card club when I got home from my date. It was sort of crowded downstairs so I went straight up to my room and got ready for bed.


I was having a hard time falling asleep with the noise coming from downstairs, but finally drifted off. Something woke me up and I don’t know what but the next thing I knew, I was having an out of body experience. I was out of my body looking down on myself. It scared the bee gee’s out of me and I called my self-down. I just said to come down and it listened or I listened. I don’t know what caused  this too happen or why it happened, but it was really  weird and I hope it never happens again.

No one believes me when I tell this, but it is the truth

My friend has this happening:

When I was preggers with Mackensey I woke up one night and saw a little girl in a white dress standing in my bedroom doorway. I told my husband and he thought I was crazy. I told him we were having a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. And we did!


janpope said...

I share your feelings. My mom died in my house in 1982 after a short but devastating bout with pancreatic cancer. Shortly after she died I had her music box in my laundry room. I kept it there just to look at whenever I washed clothes because my mom loved to wash clothes and it would remind me of her. The music box had been broken for several years and the spring that held the door shut was broken. My mother would give my kids the music box to play with when they would visit with her. One day when I was home I heard music coming from the laundry room and it had the distinct sound of the melody from the music box. I ran into the laundry room and there it was on top of the shelf playing the music "some where over the rainbow" it stopped playing after a while. I picked it up and the bottom where it would wind up continued to be stuck and broken. I eventually took the music box to my bedroom and every time I felt uneasy or anxious about something happening in my life the music would began to play. This continued on for many years until I bought another music box of the blessed mother and it stopped playing. I still have the tattered old music box in my music box collection and it would not surprise me at all if one day it begins to play.

Anonymous said...

I remember when my Mom died last year you told me she would communicate by smell or electricity. I thought yea, yea, yea, full of baloney. Of course it did happen and shocked the heck out of everyone. My little Hailey has been begging me to go to the "graveyard" as she calls it, so last Sunday we went and I let the girls plant flowers. Hailey's shovel went flying in the air and I yelled at her for doing it. She opened her hand and had a butterfly in it. "Sorry" she said about the shovel but I saw the butterfly on her stone and had to catch it for Gram. Do you think that was a sign???? Uh We Uh

Anonymous said...

I had a friend who passed from cancer when Kadyn was 2.He and I were very close.I have had several dreams about him. It always seems like he comes to me in my dreams when I am having a problem or a difficult day.The dreams are so vivid that I can remember everything clearly. In the last dream that I had he was here in my kitchen laying on my kitchen island and was telling me not to worry and pulled me in to give me a hug. I actually felt the warmth of his embrace.

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