Saturday, May 5, 2012


Good Morning to me!  Good Afternoon to me!  I'm smiling at me!  I love/like me. I have many talents,  in hair dressing, in drawing, baking - oh I could go on but will stop before I am really into myself (lol).
 I have talent in writing, though awhile back I let myself believe two people who criticized me so bad that I stopped writing for a good while, how foolish of me to let them destroy something I so enjoyed. Who knows, they could of been right,but the way they put it across was beyond rude. And they are not professionals in that field.

I may not know the exact place to put the commas, periods, etc. but I know how to write and to reach the soul of someone - I've had too many people tell me they like my writing, I was stupid to let myself believe the two who said I didn't. The people who like my writing outnumber the two that ripped it apart.

Don't get me wrong, I will gladly take the advice of  professionals who are excellent in their grammar and punctuation. I have learned so much from our Creative Writing Group and I really value their opinion. I know how to listen, genuinely listen to someone and I try to get something out of what they are saying. I truly can keep a confidence which in turn let people trust me

 I have heard the expression -
wow, he/she is really into themselves, that to me means that the person only thinks about themselves and do only what they want to do  not caring about the other person- I'm not sure if this is the right meaning or not, but that is how I perceive it.

 When I would hear a person say this about someone, I would think, boy that person has a lot to learn. But, you know what? maybe not, maybe they could teach us a few things! 

Think about it - if we don't like our self , who will? If we are always doubting our self because we think the other person knows better, we are doing a big dis-service to ourselves. Why, because other people will sense that and act accordingly, and who is to say the other person knows better? Everyone has their own way of doing things and that doesn't make it the only right way to do it.

When I worked full time I was in customer service,  I did the billing along with many other jobs.. I was the one doing the billing during the day and I did it the way it worked for me, if I thought it needed a delivery charge then I charged it , if there was a credit, I applied it -  the night turn girl did the billing the way it was easy for her, neither one of us did it wrong, even tho we did it in different ways. When we took care of a customer on the phone we took care of the whole problem ,and we each solved it in our own way, some one else might have handled it in another manner, but as long as the problem was taken care of , the customer happy it was good,   Heck, I felt that the place was my second home, I had been there so long. I was loyal, trusted and did everything they asked. I use to open up the warehouse at 5 in the morning with me being the only one in that humongous warehouse, except for one morning when I had a mouse in the office!! Scared the heck out of me by making all of that noise in a trash can he was trying to get out of, It took me awhile to find out what the noise was from and laughed at myself when I found out the reason. I just put a light cover on top of it and gave it to Leonard when he got in. He let it live.

You probably will laugh when I tell you I use to be a reserved and shy person except with my family. You don't see that in me today. I hope you see someone who is cheerful and makes you feel happy ,and one you can talk to knowing she will listen and care.  I am a person who speaks her mind, that's not always a good quality, I try to keep my mouth shut but usually fail, that part of my personalty does not go over real well with my family. But -  it does clear the air and they know how I feel. I don't talk about it behind their back.
 I also have a way of saying things the wrong way without meaning it the way it sounds. This is what bothers me the most. I try to watch how I say things, but darn if I don't still continue to do it. I dislike that I am having a hard time overcoming that.

Just a little bit about me to add to my memoirs.


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janpope said...

Dee everyone of us deal with certain things about us we would like to change. I think saying it is the very first important step. we cannot change who we are and should not. What we can change are behaviors but if you are ok with it then it is not your problem. I always say "who owns the problem" if it is not mine..let it go. Self Esteem is like a glass of water..until some on says something negative to you and spills that glass of is up to us to fill that glass up again.... I love reading your blogs
they are interesting.

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