Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can You Teach Someone To Be Happy?

Can you teach someone to be happy?   The articles say you have to find happiness within yourself.  Nobody can make you happy.

I have mixed feelings on that.  

I know listening to music makes me happy.    OK, so I make myself happy. However, I know a person who makes me smile just by thinking of her. Being with her” makes me happy.” She has such a fun personality; I wish I could be around her every day. Therefore, someone else can make me happy.

I was happy when my sons were growing up; they brought joy into my life daily. What makes me most happy is when every one of my family is together.  Extreme happiness?  My seven wonderful, treasures. Grandchildren!

My Happiness   . . . . . .   My family all in good health

                                             A phone call from a close friend

                                              A book or magazine in the mail

                                              A favorite relative surprise visit.

                                               An unexpected thinking of you card

                                               When I make bread from scratch

                                               Out of plain cloth I do a counted cross stitch                                                piece

There are so many things that make me happy and I’m sure they make you happy also.

 I enjoy being around people.   In addition, I enjoy my own company (when I have to. :-)

How do you feel ?     



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