Monday, March 5, 2012


Yes, that is true. I can attest to that because of my mother-in-law who is 92 and lives and maintains her own home. She has many extra hobbies included in her life.
I was mainly addressing the elderly who have not aged so well, even though their mind is still sharp their body cannot do the things they use to.
I have a 68 yr old dear friend who is in a nursing home. Why? Her sons do not want to take care of her. She is sometimes forgetful and does not have bodily functions. So they think they did they right thing by putting her there. It breaks my heart that they did this because they do not want to take the responsibility of having her live with them.

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Linda Austin said...

What a nice blog you have, Dee. I found it through the Lifewriting Yahoo group. Lots of truths in this article. I visit my mom in a nursing home nearly every day, even though it is difficult as I work and have a child still at home. I also visit with my new elderly friends there. Fortunately mom's nursing home is filled with angel workers, but I've been in plenty of homes where the angels are few.

There is no excuse to ignore an elder friend or relative in a nursing home. They so look forward to outside visits - they have not forgotten those they love. The angriest I've been is with an elder friend's daughter who wouldn't visit because it was "too depressing." Some of these people will live to experience what they did to the people who loved them.

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