Monday, March 5, 2012


The author makes a lot of valid points in his article, which are sadly true in many cases today. However, what he doesn't mention is that with the advances in medical care, many elderly are able to live independently at home longer.

My grandparents are 82 & 85 years old. They are still living at home with very little assistance and are happy that way. As close as we are, they have stressed that they don't want to move in with me and be a burden. There are several good programs out there that provide transportation and meal services to the elderly, keeping them in their homes longer. Most of their friends are also still living independently at home as well. Even in their 90's.

There are many elderly living in my neighbor who are living productive lives. You don't notice them so much because they blend in with everyone else. They don't sit at home much. They work longer, dress younger and take vacations unlike the elderly of previous generations.

So yes, while there is much to worry about as we age, it need not be the doom that the author describes in his article

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