Sunday, March 11, 2012


This first full day of daylight savings time has been delightful in every way. It was such a beautiful ride, we didn't notice that it took the usual forty five minutes to get to White Oak.
After parking the van, we walk up the narrow sidewalk and see some of the daffodils in full bloom, the others are full of buds ready to burst open. There are even a few crocuses blooming in a beautiful shade of purple,and in passing the Dogwood tree we see new buds on it also.
My mother-in-law is expecting us, one of her sisters and our oldest son, Ron.
 Every time I come here to Mom's home, I can feel the warm welcome and a peaceful feeling comes over me. The house is over a hundred years old and has been well maintained, it has a lot of history for sure.
 An old locust tree post supports the main beam in the basement because they didn't have" I" beams back then (yes "I" beams), or they were unaffordable. There is a cold cellar filled with all the delicious home grown vegetables and fruit from the garden.
 The foundation is built out of stone and not cement. The banister going to the second floor is the original one that was in the house, but having 3 boys, it was never used for a bride. It's a four gable roof, so it has no attic. The original chimney is used for the original fireplace that still is used, but not very often since the death of her beloved.
It once had a pantry that is now a laundry room off the kitchen. I would love to have that in my home. To be able to have a laundry room off the kitchen would save so many steps for me and I would be able to continue to do my everyday chores while the clothes are washing or drying.
Two bedrooms and a bath upstairs, eat in kitchen, dining room, living room, foyer and a laundry room on the first floor with a basement that you could eat off the cellar floor if need be. She takes care of all of it by herself!
   The dining room table so perfectly set that it draws us, but before we  do anything we go into the kitchen, and there she is busy at work. Grandma to our children, great grandma to our grandchildren.
This 92 year old woman is on the move making her delicious home made waffles, in not one, but two waffle makers that are both full. I look to the coffee pot and see the  fresh fruit salad  that looks so refreshing in the crystal cut bowl. Serving platters are filled with bacon and sausage, done to perfection. She has prepared everything herself, the table, the food - she simply amazes us with her unbound energy
Asking if there is anything we can do, she says yes, give her a hug and a kiss, then grab the plates of bacon and sausage and put them on the table and could I check to see if she remembered to put the butter dish on the table, and oh, yes - could someone please pour the home made syrup into the pitcher.
When we are done doing what she says, she comes in with a platter filled with waffles that make your mouth water just looking at them. There are round ones and square ones perfectly browned. We fight over the round ones, some of us fight over the round ones but we all manage to eat at least one. They taste just as good as the square ones, but there is something about the round ones that makes us want them. 
 We all sit down and fold our hands in prayer while she prays a heartfelt prayer. Then  everyone is talking at once, could you pass the butter, could I have some bacon over here? Who has the home made syrup? Coffee's delicious Mom, she says ,"you sure you don't want some juice"  and now we are all eating and enjoying every mouthful. Telling her how delicious it is.
This is truly an act of love. As anyone who cooks knows, it is no small job to have all the food done and served warm all at once, especially breakfast - but somehow she manages it each and every time,
After everyone has had their full and are finishing the last of the coffee, we start to clean off the table, taking everything into the kitchen to prepare to put in the dishwasher.
Once that is done, Mom sits herself down at her organ and starts playing  Christian hymns softly. They are beautiful, and she sings softly along while she plays. We listen and some of us join in to sing How Great Thou Art.
Too soon the wonderful afternoon has come to an end and we prepare to leave. We would rather stay awhile longer but know its not possible. After thank yous and hugs ,she walks us out to the porch and watches while we get in our vans and cars. Telling us to be careful driving home, she waves while we wave back.
We are so fortunate to still have her with us, she is blessed to be able to take care of herself and her home. She still paints and has just finished an oil painting. It's  ready to take to her doctor, who had asked for another one after receiving one for a gift last year. 
A lot of jokes have been said and songs sung about mother-in-law's and how awful they are. It could all be in fun, but it could be that they mean what they say.
 I can't say we haven't had our differences in the past 48-1/2 years, but they were always resolved.  She has treated me like a daughter, especially since my parents passed away. Our sons and their wives adore her and the great grandchildren love her to pieces.
 There is one thing to mention. Though there is a dishwasher, her and dad never used a microwave. They bought one once but didn't like it one bit.
She still has and uses her original stove. A Tappan that looks almost as good as new, but being 50 years or older it has a few marks here and there, that oven and those burners still work their magic though.

by the way-spell ck won't work and it's highly impossible for this to be perfect, so please excuse all mistakes.

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