Thursday, January 19, 2012


Family feuds, do they still exist? I would think that in this modern world we live in that we have moved past the feuds of yesterday. How sad to find out that they still exist in one way or another.
There's the mother and daughter who don't speak to each other, how can that be is so beyond me. I know of a wonderful woman and her sister who loved each other very much. Because of words that were spoken either in haste or with out thinking years ago, they never mended their relationship. How very sad that the one sister has now passed without ever being hugged or a part of her sister's life since the misunderstanding. Or the mother of a adult child who forbade her child to speak to their aunt? It seems the mother and sister had a misunderstanding and because of that incident the child was not permitted to invite the aunt to the wedding. Or the hurt that was caused  because of the actions of  an aunt and her sisters children - it was resolved in a loving manner,  the aunts children were never aware of that, the mother neglected to mention it to her children and so the children cut the sisters children out of their lives.

 I know - it's hard to believe - I still find it hard to believe it as I type this, but there is more to put down! Yep even more true stories and this one  is the brother and sister who actually fought over a card game and never came to forgive each other, they not only lost each other but their families never got together for family holidays or events. Now it is to late as they both have passed on, A big chunk of happiness was lost between two families but hopefully in heaven they are hugging one another.  In some families it is taking place with cousins!  Wouldn't they know better after seeing what had taken place with their parents and their siblings?  
 These cousins had not been together in years and just recently got together through another cousins perseverance in finding them. All of it I think could of been avoided if the person who felt vindictive would asked what was going on instead of over reacting. Of course this is just my observation by being on the outside looking in. Who knows, it made me feel bad for the cousin who was misunderstood as everyone turned against them.  A persons reputation ruined because of a over reaction is sad for both I think.

It sounds like a soap opera doesn't it? Like the Hatfield's and McCoys.  I could expand on all of these" true stories" and make it into a best seller. If I did  write the book, I would write it  in a way that would show how all of these unfortunate happenings could have been resolved.  It is so easy to see how relationships could be mended when being on the outside looking in. 

   A misunderstanding that should have never taken place can ruin more then one persons life, it ruins the persons family. When a person is hurt, not only is that person hurt but so is the family. So hopefully by reading my blog it will make you think before you react.  Hopefully you will want to spend more time with your family and find time to do so instead of always being busy. One day you might not be busy but the family might not be there. Family is a gift - look at all the broken families today - who are the ones hurting the most? the children - by far. Take the time out of your busy life for them.Introduce them to their relatives, their cousins. You make time for your friends, so make time for your family, your blood line - talk about the history of your grandparents and great grandparents. Make them proud of who they are and happy that they are part of such a wonderful loving family.

So in the scheme of life, as you walk down the road of life- ask -  is this all worth it?, Is this what relatives will be talking about to their children, or their children's children. What about the happy times that took place before?
 The children down the road of relatives will hear all of these stories with out hearing the other side - because no matter what -there are always 2 sides.  Wouldn't you agree?

I am looking forward to see how high my graph goes up with this post.

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