Tuesday, November 1, 2011


     LIGHT UP NIGHT FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18    downtown    Pittsburgh - and it is not a joke!! 

Rushing through the holidays of life is not something I want to do, I want to enjoy Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas - I like to give each holiday its due.
When I worked full time, Halloween came and went, along with Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was not able to enjoy any of it the way the it should of been enjoyed. Working 8 hrs, coming home and taking care of the house, cooking, plus washing etc., did not leave much time for extra work that come with the holidays. There is the hustle and bustle, the fun kind, and then there is the" I hate this because I don't have the time and still do everything else that needs done". Having to go back to work the next day took away from all the happiness of the holiday I just celebrated. A lot of people are fortunate to schedule their vacations around the holidays but not many.
My dad use to take the week between Christmas and New Years off and during that time we would visit relatives, have relatives and friends over.  It was always such a fun time.
Everyone thought it was awful  when the stores would decorate for Christmas the week before Thanksgiving, BUT NOW, the stores are in full Christmas decorations by the early part of October.
So, how can I enjoy and celebrate the holidays before Christmas, whenever Christmas decorations are all I see when I go into a store now? They have the Halloween decorations up with the Christmas decorations. Thanksgiving, I hardly see any Thanksgiving decorations out except in the grocery store.
I feel bad for the kids today, I was able to enjoy the Happy Day kind of life. Today - Mayberry would be hard to find anywhere.

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