Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mom, whats Thanksgiving?

In the years to come, when some of us no longer walk the face of the earth, will the Thanksgiving Day holiday still be celebrated? You know the one - where family and friends gather together like the Settlers and Indians did to gave thanks of gratitude to God.

A day for being thankful for all of God's blessings. Yes, we are thankful every day, but this is a special day of thanks. A day spent breaking bread with our family and friends, followed by the guys watching football, the boys playing football outside (weather permitting). The women, if not with the men watching football, then together talking about everything & anything, while the young girls play with each other or everyones playing family games. Some families spend Thanksgiving going to the theater together or skiing. We spend the day with music. Our family (except for me) can sing and play instruments together making them popular among friends and family. They are known as The
 Family Tradition Band. Some of you may have heard them play at functions.

What we are NOT doing is going shopping for Christmas specials, ordering on line or doing anything not related to Thanksgiving.  Media and retail have been advertising for weeks, actually when the Halloween decorations went out, so did the Christmas ones! Crazy, eh? but so true. I walked into a store and saw the Halloween and Christmas decorations side by side. It first made me mad and then I felt sad, still do for that matter. They are trying to by pass Thanksgiving, because it is not a big money maker for them, so they are pushing Christmas shopping.

Who of you remember when we kept holy the Sabbath day? All the stores were closed, it was a day of worship and rest for everyone. Everyone stayed in their "Sunday" clothes and spent the day with family or exended family. But slowly the stores, one here, one there started to open up on Sundays and pretty soon every store was open and no one treated Sunday as a day or worship or rest.

Thats what will happen with Thanksgiving unless we do something to stop it. Stop this insanity by NOT letting them win, not shopping for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving. Or else someday, when some of us no longer walk the face of the earth, there will be a little child looking at a beat up, dog eared Thanksgiving book asking their mom and dad - what's is this about? Whats Thanksgiving?

Think about it `~`~HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE`~`~` 

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