Thursday, September 8, 2011

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    The 1995 RED JEEP

    Posted by on September 1, 2011 at 8:10 PM Commentscomments (0)
    The 1995 red Jeep was bought from my ex boss. I fell in love with it instantly and wish we were buying it for me instead of my husband. But he had the longer drive to work and on roads that were like goat paths.
    So I was appointed the 1994 maroon Dodge Caravan, Another vehicle bought off my ex-boss. He didn't even sale cars, he was co-owner of a business where I worked for ages. But he had cars that he did not need and he kept all of his cars in good condition. I only had to drive to Sharpsburg, while Ron drove to Latrobe. Quite a difference in miles and gas.
    As the weeks past by, I heard how expensive it was for him to drive the jeep to work. more so than the van. The jeep had a staight 6 engine and the van had a V6. Which meant the van had a smaller engine and was easy on gas. So, to my delight Ron decided he wanted to take the van AND the jeep became mine!
    I never cared much about the car I drove as long as it looked decent, and started up I was happy. But with my Jeep, I do care about it, I can actually understamd why a guy would call his ride a she and shine it up for hours and treat it as it were made of gold, my jeep I decided was a guy and I love him passionately. His name is "Red". What else eh? I feel safe in it, I have confidence driving, I feet I can depend on it. I was and still am proud of it.
    It is still dependable,, but it is becoming creaky and old with age, the back doors don't open, well, ok, one will, if you fool around with the door handle for awhile, The front passenger window will go down, but won't go back up, so we just leave it up. They are power windows. The passenger side mirror just falls off whenever it feels like it. Sometimes it scares the begees out of me because of the clunking noise it makes hitting the side of the door when it falls off. Thank goodness it has a cable attached so the mirror falls off but is still attached to the Jeep.
    But when I have to drive it in the snow, it more than makes up for all it's imperfections. Living on top of a high hill the weather is a little more brutal then living in town. My Jeep has never let me down - it can come up the hill with out sliding a bit, goes right up our slanted driveway without a hitch. I can park it way close to the garage door so I don't have to face the elements. Sometimes it is finicky, it won't start up sometimes. You have to play around with the stick handle, we think it has an elelctrical problem. Oh yeah, I lost the back wiper and am having a hard time finding one to put back on, But all in all it takes care of me and I won't give it up.
    Thanks for stopping by, leave a comment if you like.

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