Sunday, May 8, 2011


It's been since 1994 since I celebrated Mother's Day with my Mom. For the life of me I can't remember what we did. It's driving me crazy -

We always took my Mom and Ron's Mother out for breakfast or dinner or else we had a picnic here at the house.
I'm hoping we had a picnic here because that was her last Mother's Day with us. Picnics here were fun, the boys were still single and she loved spending time with them. Dom, my brother was so fun and the boys loved hanging out with him
 She spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in the hospital in 1995 and passed away March 22, 1995.

Just a few of the things I remember about - - - - ---

                                          My Mom:

               Her beautiful smile with a dimple in her cheek-
               Her contagious laugh,
               Her wonderful, warm hugs, not just a hug, but a real hug
               How she made you feel so special and welcome
               How she listened to you when you talked, really listened
               How she never offered her opinion unless she was asked          
               But most of all -how she never complained - never/ever - and she had a lot of pain.
               The love she showered on her grandchildren
               The love she had for Ron, my husband who could do no wrong (lol)
               Her wonderful meals, I could name so many special things she made        
                 but it would take forever
               Her delicious deserts she could whip up-
               Her homemade bread and rolls
               She amazed me with all the good friends she had-always visiting, always calling
               The closeness she had with her Mother and syblings
               Her unconditional love -

The time we had my aunts and uncles to the house for dinner and at that time we had a piano for me to take lessons, it was a player piano. My mom told everyone to come into the living room and she sat down on the stool and started to play - everyone was in awe because they had no idea she knew how to play - - - she didn't  - - - - she had set up the player piano to play and she tried to keep up with all the keys so it looked like she was playing - of course they soon caught on that she was not playing.    It is one of my funniest memories of my mom ----I miss my Mom, my friend

             No matter how old you may be you still will miss your Mom - if you have her -     enjoy her and show her in little ways how you love her


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