Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The birdhouse Jeff put up for me last year for Mother's Day is occupied!!  I've been keeping a close watch on it and yesterday I saw one of the occupents. He/she was quite busy hopping inside and out,  probably making the place comfortable for their new family. It's so exciting to watch  all the flurry and flying around along with the chirping,  My do they chirp - I love it - who needs the radio on when you have nature sounds?  The little chipmonks scurrying around, actually chasing each other! a squirrel right outside the patio doors just sitting calm as can be on my patio! A lot of pregnant rabbits thats for sure, at least they sure look pregnant - I hate to tear my eyes away from all the goings on, but so often have to or else nothing would get done. Sometimes I am standing at the sink & I find that I have been rubbing the same area over and over again with the dishrag while watching everything.

The Peony bush is showing it's new follage and pretty soon the buds will be in full bloom - the Weeping Cherry tree is in bloom and the Clamatis is way high already, I expect to look out and see the flowers in bloom any day - this rain is great for all of the perrineals. I am so looking forward for  all the different flowers to pop open - tho I am worried about my rose bush -I can see what I think is new gowth but with the way it's been raining, I can't get up close enough to see - it's a waiting game with that. The Lilac bushes are still not in bloom. The Westeria bush is beautiful along with the Holly bush and there are some others but I forget the names - I forget a lot lately (lol). My Columbine is flourishing and spreading - that's one name I won't forget because it reminds me of the tradgdy at the school.

Spring is my very favorite time of year. So many births on the farm, everywhere you look it's a new beginning, the birds busily gathering their nesting material, looking out and seeing the porch furniture being washed, lawn mowers being worked on-childen playing on the street or in their yards, hearing their laughter, going to softball, baseball or soccer games - stopping at Glenn's for delicious custard - so much activity -how can you not love Spring? - unless of course you have allergy's. I am blessed to have none - - - -

I am heartbroken over my front yard tree though. Last year we realized how tall it truly was - so tall that it was higher then our 2 story house. Ron said he would have to trim it himself since it would cost around four hundred dollars to have it done. So one Saturday the boys came over and they all started in on it and at one point our neighbor came over and did the very top because no one was able to . I was sick to my stomach when I saw the end result and told Ron that it was dead and would not bloom- he said "don't you worry none, it will bloom come spring". It's spring and it is not even close to having branches let alone blooming. That was the first tree we planted when we built our home in 1971 and it was such a beautiful tree and gave so much shade. I am so hoping that by some miricle it will bloom a little. I love that tree and tell it every morning I am sorry that we chopped it so badly.

So I have this cousin by marriage, I don't know her very well at all, but she is married to my blood cousin and that is good enough for me except for the fact that . . . . . . .. .

She has a one track mind, I get the feeling that she sleeps, eats and thinks only of politics, no kidding - - - -
I read her posts and actually feel bad for her if that is all she has to live for, you hardly ever hear about her husband or her children just her very pointed political thoughts.

 She thinks nothing of blowing some one off very rudely if they don't agree with her. Like she posted -it's her page and she can say what she wants and if you don't agree well that is to bad - - - - it makes me wonder why this encompasses her life - it seems like her whole life. She says she loves her country but is that all she loves - - -
 I wonder if she has any other interests- - does she do anything with her family or extended family? and if she does, I wonder if she talks politics the whole time. I feels sorry for them if she does.

 I am truly thinking of purging her because she only knows to write of one thing and it is becoming a  bore - I could ignore reading it I suppose, but it's hard when it is right in front of your face - oh well I guess there are worse things in life - -and if this is her only passion so be it - - -who knows I could be boring someone to tears right now (lol)
Why can people say to you what is on their mind about you, but when you disagree with what they say or you say what is on your mind, they get upset?    Blows my mind - - especially when you say what everyone else thinks, but no one has the guts to say it to their face? Are you the better person for not saying anything to that person but talk about them behind their back or are you the better person because you tell them to their face? I don't mean just casual acquaintances.
  People will tell others how they feel about a person but they won't tell the person, I wonder why that is?  Maybe because they don't want to cause waves -but I would rather say the truth then be nice to their face and talk about them behind their face. That is being a fake and that is one thing I am not. I would never hurt some one's feelings be it about their dress, hair or home but I see nothing wrong with asking them about something everyone else thinks but keeps quiet about - - - -

I don't say anything first but if I am confronted then, yes I will explain how I think or feel.  I admit that people have told me that I am blunt to a fault, but at least the person knows how I feel. I don't smile to a person or talk as if I am their friend and then turn around and stab them in the back. I would hope I would be treated the same way. That by no means means I don't get myself into a pickle because I have and just because it is what it is.  But this to will pass


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Judy said...

Happy Mom's and Grandmom's Day to you Miss Dee. Sorry about your tree--maybe put it out of your mind for awhile and perhaps by magic, after awhile it will be back!

Judy D.

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