Tuesday, May 10, 2011


   At one time I wanted to be a Journalist. I thought it would be so interesting and exciting to write on different news subjects. To be able to travel wherever the news was so I could write about it - -Oh -
I thought it would be such a great career.   BUT - - - - - -- -
    I am sooooo glad I never followed through with that education. Why, you ask?  One reason is that - -
I would find it hard to report the news on Arnold & Marie separating - WHO CARES?  I can just see me saying to my boss - "Boss-- I could not write about something so trivial, so unimportant in the scheme of life. Tell me, Do you feel bad? Do you care?"   He/She would have me walking if not thrown out the door with pink slip in hand.
    The News Media must be so desperate to report the news to make such a issue out of this. Spare me the details please, in fact, spare me from it all.
    They are reporting that they will publish Princess Diana's death picture? For God's sake why??  Let the poor woman rest in peace and don't bring unpleasant memories to her family. Let the people be happy over Will & Kate -
   There are so many people down South struggling because of the weather. What about Japan- never hear anything about their problem any more except maybe for a small blip here and there.
   It's getting to the point that I am not even going to listen to the news - - - so I will be uninformed -SO WHAT!  I am sure that if it were really of  importance I would hear about it or my family would let me know.
  OK, I feel better for getting that off my chest - - even if I am the only one to write/read this - it worked for my mental stress.
   My husband wants to move! Oh, I am so upset. We built this house, there is so much of my heart and soul here, so much of my husband's blood, sweat & tears in every room and outside.
 Our children grew up here.  I planned on growing old together here (I know I am old!)- - - so far it is just talk & I somehow manage to steer off the subject.
   True, the yard is a bit much for him to take care of - it has 3 levels and the front is not flat plus there is the bank that is a pain to weed - and at every turn there are steps - steps outside to the front door. Steps from the basement up to the first floor, then steps up to the 2nd floor - Yes, lots and lots of steps - I use to be able to run up and down these steps in a flash, never thought a thing of it - took it for granted actually - - - now, it's one step at a time and holding on to the railing  - Ron wants to sell and buy a smaller home and yard then we have now. It's to overwhelming for me to think on -
so I try not to -- - -
   It's funny how life is, when our house was being built we were so very excited and thought it was so big - after all we were going to have 4 bedrooms, a eat in kitchen, a dining room, living room, full bath and half bath. Why, I thought I was moving into a palace. I had to pinch my self to make sure it was true (lol) - -
   We were living on Grant street while our home was being built and I just found out that I was pregnant with our fourth child. Grant street was a hub of activity, people always outside, coffee clatches, parties in the evenings, kids riding their bikes up and down the sidewalk - I loved it there and living on Pittsburgh street across from Glenn's Custard - was the same way  AND  I was a city girl-born & raised - use to walking everywhere so this was ideal. The living conditions left a lot to be desired though, our row apartment was very, very small - two bedrooms and I'm pregnant with my fourth! One bathroom, living room and kitchen - yes, we needed to get out of there - a garbage path for a yard -walls so thin -you could hear when the people next door sneezed or flushed the commode. BUT - - - - -
 What was I thinking!  Moving up to Bucknell Street--God's country with only 6 houses here and there on the cul-de-sac - the rest were blueberry bushes, trees, emptiness  and sky - I guess I thought everything would be the same - seeing people -coffee clatches, kids playing out on the street - dogs barking ------boy, it was a rude awakening when we moved up here - no people to be seen, none - nada - no traffic noise - - -so quiet - oh, so very quiet - even with 3 little ones running around the house and being pregnant it was so quiet - of adult company - - - I was so lonely that if it were not for talking on the phone I would of gone crazy - plus some of my neighbors from the ole street would come up and visit once in awhile and listen to me moan & groan while I told them how lonely I was and wanted to move - "Move, they said - are you out of your mind?"?  They said they would give anything to live here. Yeah, well they had a car, I had none at the time, I was stuck up on this mountain till my husband got home from work and he worked a lot of overtime.(eventually I did get a car-that  saved me, even though it was a stick and I had to learn really fast and  drifted backwards big time every time I was on a hill!) I guess you can see I was pretty miserable. Those were the years I made a lot of home made bread, cookies, cakes and made good dinners, did sewing and counted cross stitch projects but it was still -lonely- tough for a people person and that is what I am - I love people and being around them - I like my own company also but not 24/7 - -
   Slowly, through the years, houses were being built, I loved hearing the construction workers pounding their hammers, or using their saws, it made the street alive with their noise. During that time I made friends with Elaine who's kids were the same age as my 2 youngest and lived 2 doors away - nice - I liked having a friend so close that we visited each other and took turns taking our youngest to pre-school, she was a dear friend and passed away much to young - she saved me by befriending me and I miss her still.  The other neighbors kept mostly to themselves, still do to this day, except for the family at the end of our street - she is a dear friend  and became so during our 40 years on this street. We did a lot through the years and have many fun memories along with some sad - - -this family keeps our street alive by being outside a lot. One year we went
 Christmas caroling on our street - people didn't even open their doors and we sang good (lol) The other neighbors kept mostly to themselves, still do to this day - doors are always closed and hardly anyone is out front- - -even us, sad to say- we spend most of our time on our patio and in our back yard - -  woods are at the end of our property out back - no neighbors there and the ones on each side of us hardly are ever out - - - I do mean hardly
   I went to work  for a while out of my home, I did Marketing Research- I was pretty good at it too, I always met my deadline and able to get the opinion of business people on different office products, then I went to work as a waitress (being a hairdresser, my parents were not real happy with me) but at least I was able to work nights when Ron was home. That is by far the hardest job I have ever had -
   Eventually, through our sons we met the people who had kids on our street. We became friendly with them and though we hardly ever had coffee clatches, we would attend different sport functions  & school functions together, Ron being baseball coach and cub scout leader was a big help to us  as we met a lot of  people and many of them became friends -I joined the PTA & met friends there.  Our street started to have yearly block parties at each other's homes -one year at the block party there were 3 or 4 of us who sang - we were called THE BUCKETTE'S - that was hysterical and fun -all the kids would camp out together - we joined the pool and took our kids swimming together - Then around 1989 all of the neighbors who had kids went on vacation together to Myrtle Beach - that was the best time ever - their were about 18 of us if not more - - we sure have come a long way - it was a good time in our lives- it became home, I grew to love it and appreciate the quietness of the morning, the sound of the morning dove, the glimpse of a doe running through the upper yard- catching firefly's and- listening to the crickets at night.- - - - -- - I don't want to move - this is my home

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