Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Just a short one but an important one for me to write.
Tonight I was on Face book sort of late, late for me. I'm usually in bed by this time!'
To my delight I was  able to chat with two of my male cousins from the Fidazzo side this evening. We didn't say much but it was great to chat with them. What a lift they gave me to an otherwise hectic evening.

I'm not able to talk with my brother to often and he is my only sibling , my parents are both gone - but I do have GREAT  cousins!!!!  Face book has played an important part in all of . With Face book I have found school friends and keep in touch with family more often, 

I can't believe the doctor I just started going to called me at 2:25 to cancel my appointment that was for 5!
If I did that to her I would have to pay one hundred  dollars - thats what she charges you if you don't cancel 24 hours b/4. She sure dropped a lot of pegs in my book - - -I was so wanting to find out the results to the 12 vile's of blood they took from me two weeks ago!!

Food for thought - Pittsburgh is known as the City of Bridges - so how many bridges do we have?

Churchill said  "We will never surrender!" 


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