Friday, January 22, 2010


 Who of you love to read recipe books? I love to read Recipe Books. It is just like reading a novel to me. I use to collect recipe books, hell, I use to collect everything I liked, If I bought one tea pot I bought 50 of them or got them as gifts, Same for McCoy's and lighthouses. I have wonderful collections of different items and my home is not large enough to show all.

But wait! I am going off in the wrong area. Getting back to recipe books brings me to the recipe's that are in the daily newspaper. If I see one I want to try, I'll cut it out and put it in a folder, needless to say my folder is bursting at the seams with all the cut out recipes!!! I just don't have the time to make them, I have to find the time, I do, I do,
 Being addicted to Face-book has slowed down my reading and I LOVE to read. I guess I will have to put the lap top somewhere where it is not close to my fingertips! It's like playing Nitendo or the Wii, you just can't
quit!  Does anyone else have this  problem?

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Lisa E said...

I can't buy One of something I like either. I seem to have a collection of everything and that is the problem. When you have so much it all looks like crappola. :::Sigh::::And yes, I have collected cookbooks. Why I have no clue, cuz neither Rick nor I cook from books.I really wish I could afford an organizer to come in, when I am not home and dump 85 percent of what I "collect". And, yes, I am a computer addict. Really, it is OCD, OCD about most things. Im rambling......................

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