Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why do all fun things happen on the same day?

It's not even February yet and already I am worried about May. Why? Well I will tell you - it's like this
there will be 3 Communions, 1 Dance Recital and 1 Wedding. I really want to go to this wedding, really bad, but you guessed it , one of the grandchildren's functions happens on the same day and not only that I just found out that it Memorial Day weekend - so tell me - why do all good things happen on the same day?

I need some help from you all out there. My Blog is so plain! I need some colored boarders, I have try to copy and paste some items and I can copy but when I go to paste nothing comes up - sigh - HELP

I have posted a lot of pictures on my Face-book page and today I found out that it is not a wise thing to do.
It seems there was a innocent woman at a bridal shower or some kind of function where there were male strippers.
Some one took a picture of a stripper and the woman just happened to be in it. Nothing she could do about it as she did not know her picture would be taken, Somehow it was passed around on Face-book, her employer saw it and was not pleased. She has been suspended from her job for thirty days and might lose it !  Just some one in the wrong place at the wrong time without knowing it was the wrong time and place. So I'm thinking maybe I
should not be posting all of the pictures that I do and should even take some of them off. Not that there is anything wrong with any of them but I could be invading some one's privacy without them knowing and not
wanting their picture even on my page  - - -

Ever since 1963 I have always shared my birthday with my mother-in-law who has the same birth date.
There have been some years where we celebrated them separately - this always happened when a significant
age -like 50, 60 and so on. This year we will be celebrating separately once again, She will be turning 90 years old!!! She is so blessed with energy, good health and mentally alert. She still plays the violin, paints in oils and watercolors, bakes, keeps a garden in the summer and puts up what she plants.  I will be turning 67 and wish that I had half the energy that she has but I will take what I have and am thankful for it - God is Good

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