Wednesday, July 17, 2013



 I had a friend, one I thought I could be myself with, and at ease with. A relatively new friend of maybe a year.  But, it seemed like we had been friends forever. We talked, laughed and cried together, just like kindred sisters.
   A very talented person who I met by chance, doing what we both loved to do. Yes, a lot in common had we, as our interests grew, so did the friendship.  Happy was I to have met such a person, one I thought  I could trust and confide in..
  I see what I want to see in a person I like, a lot of times brushing off things I should of paid heed to.
Ever the optimistic, I see the good qualities, no one is perfect, all have faults. When I like a person, I tend to overlook the persons attitude  thinking they are having a off day. When those days began to multiply, I still kept finding excuses.  I didn't want to find anything unpleasant.
     I expected too much. Some in my family say I am to trusting, and naïve. When I meet someone I worry if they will like me, not if I will like them.
  I lost a friend, one I thought highly of, admired, and laughed with. Shared ideas and thoughts, we were on the same page. Until the personality changed, slow, but unexpectedly growing into a storm I had no time to prepare for. I had no idea of the damage the storm would cause, and was devastated to find out the extent of it.
    Have you ever been stabbed in the back by someone you thought of as a friend?  At first, I felt disbelief,  then anger, now sadness, for the person who did this. Feeling a loss inside of me of what could of been.
    Words, hurtful words said about a person who had no clue of what was said until it was over and done. Being questioned in a way that implied fault is very upsetting, especially not being there while the accuser was accusing.
   Realizing the people questioning had already judged, is so painful that I choke up when I think about it.  But, I know in my heart that anyone who knows me well, would not even believe what was implied.
   I realize this person has a lot of problems they keep under wrap, and not a lot going for them, but that is no reason to damage another's reputation.
                  Hopefully they will find comfort and peace inside of them soon,

For my grandchildren and their children so they know a little about their grandmother and great grandmother.

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