Monday, July 29, 2013


   Sleep Apnea is a pain in the arse!  How do I know?  I have dealt  with it  for over 12 years.  In case you don't know, Sleep Apnea is when a person stops breathing while they are sleeping.
   At the Sleep Center where I had to spent the night for testing,they told me that I stopped breathing 95 times. It was quite scary for me when they told me that. It can also cause a heart attack if you don't treat it, and yes, even with using the machine, I can still feel tired during the day. 
   Yes, its been at least 12 years if not longer that I have slept with a C- Pap. It is a machine that holds water and is attached to a long bendable plastic hose, at the end of the hose is the form that fits over my head and nose. The water is so my nasal passages don't dry up while the machine forces air into the mask, and that opens the muscle that is located in the back of my throat which stopped working.
    I look like some kind of Martian  when I have it on, It is made of Velcro strips that I adjust so the form fits tight over my nose.
So many times I have had a dry, burning mouth when waking up, its an awful feeling. If it happens in the middle of the night I pull the mask off and sleep without it, that makes the next day a miserable, tired one. I should research the problem, maybe I am doing something wrong.
    I have to make sure I kiss Ron good night before putting on the mask, Oh, it is so romantic -not :-(.  It is a big turn off believe me, but what can I do, nothing.  It is what it is. At least it is not oxygen, some people have it so bad that they have oxygen machines instead of water.
 I know that I can never stay over night anywhere without bringing along my machine and mask. What a chore to pack it and than hook it all up, and make sure I have my water and there is an outlet near the bed. My wonderful husband does this for me.
   I took for granted just laying my head on my pillow and falling asleep normally.  I had a hard time adjusting to wearing the mask, but after awhile I got use to preparing for bed with this as one of my rituals. I keep a gallon of distilled water by my bed. The hose is long enough that I can turn over on my other side, and for some reason I haven't tangled it around my neck yet!
   So if you are one of the lucky ones that just go to bed normally, don't take it for granted - smile as you snuggle with your pillow.

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