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"FISH GOTTA SWIM, BIRDS GOTTA FLY" is one of my favorite songs from the musical, "Showboat."   I have been fortunate to see the live play and movie at least 6 times, starting when I was a young girl and my mother and grandmother both took me. The other favorite song of mine is "We Can Make Believe" . Do any of you remember this, or am I showing my age?

     How fast June flew by, I still feel its the month of  May. Summer months seem to fly by, while winter months seem like they will never end.  I think because there is a lot of outside activities in warmer months, like being able to garden either flowers, vegetables or both. and not being able too in the cold months?  If your young though, or not so young, but able, there are a lot of things to do, like skiing, snow- mobiles, tubing, sled riding, while some people who are snow-birds, go to the warmer climates for the cold months. These are the people that have the best of both worlds. I know I will never see it and I don't know if I would want to, because it would be lonesome without the kids and grand kids around. They make our days fun and when the only family you have are your kids, you tend to, or I should say I tend to count on them, plus we love, just love our grand kids. Who would want to be away from them for those months, not me.

              So, welcome July, I hope you stay awhile, only with not so much rain this week. The Firemen Carnival is in town, and it is something everyone looks forward to. Not only the rides for the kids, but the games for adults,( one of my favorites is chuck-a-la). And how can I not mention the food?  Beside  carnival food, they have the good food the firemen make .People go just for the Hot Sausage & Peppers with Onions Hoagies. Then there's the french fries, cotton candy, etc. The big nights are when they have the fireworks, this year it is on July 4, Thursday, with the big parade held on Friday. Springdale Library always has a good show of staff and patrons in the parade.
This is one of the big fundraisers for the firemen, so rain stay away for a little while so it can be a success OK?

       There is not much activity going on in our back yard, the rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks seemed to have disappeared. There are quite a few birds that still visit though, especially Robins. I have not seen hide nor hare of Little Wren for about two weeks, part of the nesting is hanging out of the birdhouse.  I'm thinking the little ones have taken off on their own. Don't know if she will lay eggs a third time or not.  At least they are not in Arizona or the desert, really brutal heat they are having there.

      On our street it is so rare to hear a dog bark or a child's voice in play. I miss those sounds, they to me are sounds of life happening. I miss seeing people outside working in their yard, or just sitting in their yard.  I miss talking to the neighbor across the fence, or someone coming over for a coffee klatch, the telephone not ringing and when it does, the call is not for me, instead it is a sales call or telemarketing. I miss the times my phone rang everyday with someone wanting to talk to me, either about something or just to chit chat?  I guess that is what it's like when all your really close friends have moved away or yes, even passed away. I don't have a extended family or even family close by. My husbands brothers are not close by, the closest being 4 to 5 hours away. My brother does not keep in touch much, because of the type of work he does. No sisters or aunts, or even cousins that call, even though my cousins and I keep touch with face-book. (better then nothing) But it would sure be nice to hear a human voice or see a human face.
Ops, I have had two phone calls now, one right after another. One from California and one from Highmark, nope I didn't answer either one. As soon as I see the telephone number or the name of the business I know not to answer.

      On the lighter side, I put a call into a person selling Shitz Tu, or however you spell it. I left a message asking them to call and let me know if they still had any and the price. Well, I forgot about it and the phone rang with the lady calling about the little puppy, Ron just looked at me and said NO DOG - he said it twice -   Hmmm I'll have to think this over more carefully

    Please keep me in prayer for this Friday and the following week, it is my 5th Chemo treatment. Please pray for no serious side affects or complications - thank you for all the prayers you have already said and for the ones you are about to say - I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God Bless   and a Happy and Safe 4th of July

Dee along with all of my other nicknames

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Anonymous said... it. The link worked and I didn't have to copy and paste in the browser.

I'm already mourning the passing of summer. It takes sooo long for June 21st to arrive...the longest day of the year. And then suddenly, the days start growing shorter. I guess there is nothing we can do about it but cherish each day for what it is.

My wren is still around. She arrives right around May 1st and doesn't depart until Aug. I love her cheerful songs all summer and feel sad when I suddenly realize in Aug that her song is missing.

I agree that our winters are much too long. I wouldn't mind the winter so much if I didn't have to drive to work on snowy roads...or drive in the dark in the mornings. If I could stay home during the winter months I could take long walks through our woods and I always have plenty of inside projects to do...crafts, sewing and baking cookies for the grand kids. Oh, and I agree, I would find it difficult to leave my precious granddaughter all winter long just so I could be a snowbird in Florida.

Thanks for sharing your blog. Oh and by the way, I don't Tweet. I've received an invite from you to Tweet and I don't want you to think that I'm rude or something but I just don't Tweet or text.

Take care and know that you are always in my prayers.


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