Friday, June 14, 2013

Peanut, Peanut Butter

I have been up since four am.  Why?  Today is my fourth chemo treatment.  It takes 3 hours to inject all three bags of fluid.  I have had complications with two of the treatments, so therefore anxiety has crept up on me. 

I love hot tea, coffee when I'm out, but at home - tea. I make lousy coffee, don't tell anyone!  Do you nuke your water if you drink tea, or boil the water on the stove? I prefer the stove method myself.

This morning I was in a rush to read about the different chemo (side effects) my oncologist suggested. That is why I popped the cup of water in the micro. At first sip, I knew I had made a mistake, but I didn't throw it out.

I was hungry also, how could I be hungry at this time of the  morning  is beyond me.  And for all things Peanut Butter!
When I am hungry for peanut butter, I always have it on toast. Today, being in a rush, I just put it on plain bread and folded it in half like a youngster would eat it. I started to bite down and feelings of  "de ja vu" came over me.

In my mind I was transported back to a kid.  I remember that I packed myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast, along with a thermos of white milk  to take to school.
Back in the day, me, along with my classmates, had to sing at the eight o'clock Mass every morning. We always sang The Requem, the mass for the dead. Nice way for kids to start out their day eh?
At that time the Catholic had to fast from midnight on if we wanted to receive Communion. That was the reason for kids packing breakfast, we were starving by time Mass was over. We ate at our desk once we got to our classroom.
We had to walk home for lunch though, every day. I never understood why we could eat our breakfast in school, but not our lunch.

All of this ran through my mind as I went to bite down on my peanut butter sandwich (without jelly!). I could visualize so much, it was a good time back in the day. All because of a half of a peanut butter sandwich. And for one moment in time I forgot about treatment.

Memories are great.

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inChristalone said...

I am glad you had a great memory this morning Dee before you went down to the hospital. I am thinking and praying for you. You are not alone as you walk in this scary battle Dee. I want to come visit soon. :)
Love, Megan

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